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  1. If I were to jump GM ship it would undoubtedly be to Ford. I owned a 2007 Tundra and while it was reliable, it wasn't the stereotypical "Toyota perfect." Trim broke and was replaced, rotors warped, radio went out, etc. I wasn't overly impressed. I grew up in a Ford family, and came to GM about 20 years ago. I've looked at Ram and like their product, but just can't feel confident in their reliability. Luckily for me most of my GM trucks have been solid and reliable, but if that ever changes the Blue Oval is where I'll take my chances. I think I'd opt for the 5.0 over the ecoboosts though. I have driven the 3.5 eco and it is strong, but too many possible points of failure for me. One downer for me would the the auto stop-start standard on all 2018 Ford engine choices. I suspect that is a sign of the times though and will be on the new GM and Ram trucks soon as well. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. Another vote FOR the new appearance. Looks great!
  3. When your free trial is over, and if you don't renew, they'll offer you something like 6 months for $30. Whatever you do, do not give Sirius XM a credit card (at least in my experience this has been good advice). If they have a CC number they will continue to charge you even if you call to cancel. They will transfer you to their "broken English" division for all customer service issues. I've done the specials, but always with a money order. I don't even like them having my checking account numbers. My previous experiences with Sirius XM have been very spotty. With my current truck, I just let my subscription die, and I stream with Pandora and Android Auto.
  4. Connect your truck's wifi to a home network or wifi hotspot and try.
  5. Good luck with the new truck. I'm anxious to see how the GM/Ford 10 speed works out when GM gets around to putting it in the Silverado/Sierra. Let us know how the new truck does long term.
  6. 17 Denali with the 5.3 and 8 speed. So far no major issues whatsoever. No vibrations. Transmission is smooth. I did do the clamp on the seat to stop the clicking.....Fixed.
  7. FCA, long for sale is getting attention from China. http://www.autonews.com/article/20170814/OEM/170819914/chinese-automakers-covet-fca
  8. Geez when did the off topic section get so serious? Chill, Peace and all that. Thought it was supposed to be a fun section.
  9. Wow learn something new on this forum everyday. I didn't realize Flint was producing any 1500 crews now. i know a few years back they were doing it (I think it was the old body style) and I searched high and low in my area for a Flint crew to no avail. I like the idea of a US built truck, but I'll have to at least say my Silao produced trucks have been top notch.
  10. With it still under warranty I'd have it checked. You certainly don't want to drive it with a continuously flashing CEL. If it cut off you should be ok, but a flashing cel signals a severe misfire, and it will dump raw fuel into the exhaust system and cause major problems i.e. ruined catalytic converters and could even cause a fire. Definitely keep an eye on it.
  11. I know they all can have problems, but you'd think Furd would pick a good one for PR purposes. I know. I know. But Furd really is a 4-letter word.
  12. I'm pretty sure the US made crews won't happen until the new body style truck is introduced. (model year 19?)
  13. Another vote for the Harbor Freight jacks here. They may not be Nascar ready, but they get the job done, usually for quite a bit less than any other product.
  14. Well first Intelllilink/AA experience with Waze was a no go. The app loaded and allowed me to search, enter a route, etc, but it would not update the current position of the vehicle. It just stayed stuck wherever I started the app. The app worked fine on the phone when not connected to Intellilink. Rebooted the phone, restarted AA, unplugged, etc.....nothing. Any ideas of what might be going on?

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