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  1. In my opinion the nicest interior to be had. All I need is mortgage approval to buy one. The one hangup I'd have over giving this truck a shot is FCA's dead last reliability scores. You might need their comfy cushy interior while you are waiting for the tow. Overall a great looking truck. Not too sure they stepped up the game in powertrain to the level of both Ford & GM when it comes to fuel savings. They lost 225 lbs, but I still think they are the heaviest of the Big 3. they haven't updated since 2009 and there isn't a big wow when it comes to engines or powertrains. The hybrid and its use in auto stop start would give me pause, again with reliability. None the less, with reliability, I'd be totally fine with this truck parked in my driveway.
  2. Rear air vents!

    Yeah totally agree. The video quality wasn't the best. Funniest part was near the end when the cameraman got in the current model truck and thought he was in the new one. Not the most informed individual. But the reason that I posted this was that sometimes amateurs post and show things that official GM doesn't want to discuss yet. (Like the rear vents) TFL truck had a vid up this morning that showed push button start. Not a big thing for me, but for some it was the holy grail of any redesign. This skip fire technology that I've been reading about sounds interesting IF IT WORKS with long term reliability and without headaches. I still think there's another engine out there as GM was somewhat evasive when asked about another engine. Guess we'll see in a few weeks.
  3. Rear air vents!

    Video of the interior of the High Country. Screen shot of the rear vents. Looks like there are also heated seat buttons for the rear. Watch the entire video here:
  4. Should have added, "Something did happen to my truck and my neck is starting to hurt too." Irresponsible idiots. Hope you get everything fixed up with as little stress as possible. G/L.
  5. Make sense. Last time I was on the F-150forum site it had tons of posts and lots of people online.
  6. Totally agree. Almost no one ever says, "that look's like nothing I've ever seen before." Even though in the eyes of the public it didn't "exist" until this past Saturday,; human beings have to make associations with prior knowledge. It looks like a......fill in the blank. In truth it looks like a 2019 Silverado, and there's absolutely nothing else like it.
  7. Maybe? Since it is the trail boss edition maybe the other trims will have it? I believe on the camo'd version they covered something in the area of a rear emblem; might have been a decoy though.
  8. Usually I'm the guy that doesn't like a vehicle when it's first introduced. First impressions of this truck I like though. I realize this is a lifted version and the standard truck may be different, but some very positive things I see. Looks like the chin spoiler has been shortened and approach angles will be much improved over the current truck. The door mounted mirrors, while different, will provide much better visibility and cut down on the big old blind spot trucks have had in the A-pillar area. Even though it's blacked out, look like the bumper is steel all the way across. No plastic bumper end caps ala GMT800. Also, even though I'm a Chevy purist, square wheel wells and all, this particular truck will probably allow the mod happy folks the chance to go even bigger with their tire wheel sizes; not my thing, but if it moves the metal GM is happy to oblige. I'm doing my darndest to see this truck in LTZ trim with chrome, but I think it was smart to introduce it before Christmas, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. there.....in TEXAS. Also think it was smart, and this is a middle aged man saying this, for it's first showing to be in the youth inspired off road trim, blacked out, lifted, etc. (Wait, did I just complement Chevy marketing?) They'll sell bunches of these things. Can't wait to hear about all the goodies under the skin and, for that matter, a little more info on the skin itself. What's steel? What's aluminum?
  9. If I am going somewhere where nav is a need, WAZE over Android Auto is a far superior choice to the factory nav, IMHO.
  10. If I were to jump GM ship it would undoubtedly be to Ford. I owned a 2007 Tundra and while it was reliable, it wasn't the stereotypical "Toyota perfect." Trim broke and was replaced, rotors warped, radio went out, etc. I wasn't overly impressed. I grew up in a Ford family, and came to GM about 20 years ago. I've looked at Ram and like their product, but just can't feel confident in their reliability. Luckily for me most of my GM trucks have been solid and reliable, but if that ever changes the Blue Oval is where I'll take my chances. I think I'd opt for the 5.0 over the ecoboosts though. I have driven the 3.5 eco and it is strong, but too many possible points of failure for me. One downer for me would the the auto stop-start standard on all 2018 Ford engine choices. I suspect that is a sign of the times though and will be on the new GM and Ram trucks soon as well. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Another vote FOR the new appearance. Looks great!
  12. When your free trial is over, and if you don't renew, they'll offer you something like 6 months for $30. Whatever you do, do not give Sirius XM a credit card (at least in my experience this has been good advice). If they have a CC number they will continue to charge you even if you call to cancel. They will transfer you to their "broken English" division for all customer service issues. I've done the specials, but always with a money order. I don't even like them having my checking account numbers. My previous experiences with Sirius XM have been very spotty. With my current truck, I just let my subscription die, and I stream with Pandora and Android Auto.
  13. Connect your truck's wifi to a home network or wifi hotspot and try.
  14. Good luck with the new truck. I'm anxious to see how the GM/Ford 10 speed works out when GM gets around to putting it in the Silverado/Sierra. Let us know how the new truck does long term.

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