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  1. Right, it is normal to smell a little gasoline, but if what happened to mine happens to you, you'll know. Son has a direct injected 2.0 Subaru. Same deal, slight smell of gasoline. So don't make that the "test." but as 17 Sierra said, a rising oil level means something is going on. I imagine what happened to me is going to happen to an unbelievably small number of trucks, and probably not to you. BUT doesn't hurt to keep an eye on things. Good luck to everybody out there.
  2. Dnt, Sounds all to familiar. I'm hoping lightning doesn't strike me twice and that this is a rare thing. As far as butt dyno is concerned I can't tell any difference after mine was repaired. If there's any internal damage it isn't showing up in oil usage, noise, etc. My truck was around 11K when it happened to me. I agree GM should step up the powertrain warranty on these trucks. Good luck with getting her buttoned up and this being a part of your truck's HISTORY. By the way if yours is like mine even though they replace the pump and change the oil, it's still going to have a gasoline smell for quite a while. I drove mine a 100 miles after the pump replacement and returned because the gas smell was so strong again. They changed the oil again. I guess the internals and crevices of the engine had enough gasoline in it to smell up the first oil change??? Still has some gasoline smell, but nothing like at first. Just a heads up in case that happens with you.
  3. Hey KD5FPV, Here's hoping the second time replacing the pump is the charm.
  4. No there is a regular electric low pressure pump in the tank. The HPFP sits on top of the engine near where the distributor would have been on the old small block chevy engines. It is a mechanical pump for the direct injection and runs off a special lobe on the cam. The failure of the internals of this pump are what allowed gasoline to get into the engine.It should be made of fairly durable stuff, you would hope, as it is capable of injecting the fuel at over 2000 psi.
  5. As the OP I feel like I owe everyone an update and hopefully final end to my part of the story. The truck has about 1200 miles since the last oil change. Went by the dealer today and both they and I believe the problem has been fixed with the replacement of the HPFP. The smell of gas is very faint and the oil level seems to be holding steady. So at the risk of jinxing myself I'm calling this issue fixed. KD5FPV, I actually got to speak to the tech who worked on my truck. He told me it was an internal diaphragm in the HPFP that failed. My work invoice wasn't that clear, or as clear as yours (as read above), but yours mentioned an internal failure and what he told me matches your invoice. Makes me wonder if it was a bad batch of fuel pumps. My truck was delivered in January 2017. Hope this thread proves helpful for anyone who runs into this problem themselves.
  6. Only issue I see with Bonmin Chevy in Miami is that a very large percentage of their trucks are 2wd. Totally understandable for South Florida, but if you are a 4x4 guy like me it might be a problem. However, the prices look great. A road trip might be in order for my next truck if there's enough $$$ involved.
  7. Here's similar Chevy at Bomnin in Miami. Long drive or airfare, but lot's of difference in price. http://www.bomninchevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_Z71-Miami-FL/3166303503
  8. Maybe it's a special Missouri edition? A show-me-state special. ......sorry, I couldn't resist.
  9. Do Denali's have too much chrome? NO. At least not in the current truck. Proof: GM added more chrome to the upcoming 2019 Denali.
  10. I think the rendering is off with the headlights. Looked to be stacked as well as horizontal elements.
  11. Yeah, the oil level on the dipstick was crazy high and I thought I smelled gasoline on the dipstick. When I pulled the oil filler cap it smelled like a gas cap. Truck ran fine with no lights or issues. The dealer sent an oil sample off for analysis, but never revealed the gasoline content of the oil to me. I got no argument that there was an issue from them. It was super obvious something was wrong.
  12. Nothing wrong with doing an oil analysis, but with my case as a point of reference, you are looking at substantial amount of gasoline in the crankcase. Dealer told me before they replaced the HPFP that there was close to a quart in my oil. Trust me there was no doubt gasoline was in the oil and oil analysis isn't necessary if you have the problem I had initially. Trust me, you'll know there's an issue. Just glad that so far there doesn't seem to be any ill effects of this; glad I caught it early.
  13. In my case this did start back in the December-January time frame when the temps were in single digits. However it has been running in the 50's and 60's lately. My daily commute is about 10 miles one way, so the engine and fluids do get up to temp, but I agree short tripping could be an issue. However, I owned a 14 Silverado with the 5.3 and never experienced anything like this with the same drive and circumstances. I'm still thinking I have a bad injector. About another week or so I'm going back in.
  14. Yeah, when I first noticed it there was extremely strong gas smell when you removed the oil cap on the valve cover. Oil level was way above full mark. All this about 1 month after dealer oil change. My oil cap still smells like gasoline, but not as strong as before.

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