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  1. Wondering if these engines will be tune-able as usual? Currently have my 2500hd LBZ, but am I'm looking to get back into a half ton for 2019. Ideally would like a 6.2 again.. Only concern is issues with tuning them like the new L5Ps uncrackable ECM. Want either Armageddon twin turbos or a supercharger with a mild cam down the road. If they're not, looks like I'll stick with my old truck.
  2. This is why i sold my 14 silverado... Intermittent vibrating bullsh!t i can't stand. Picked up a fully loaded 07 silverado crew cab Duramax instead.
  3. You PMd me directly regarding this issue. Did you not find or cut the wire? It's your truck, do what you want. I'm just saying it worked for me.
  4. cutting 1 wire, which is the crankshaft position sensor wire disables ANC and solves this problem. OR cut out x3 wires to the mics in the headliner. all you guys looking for a better solution, good luck. i've been enjoying added bass for almost a year now w/no issues.
  5. it looks like a decent custom solution.. you should buy the whole pack, install it, and let us know what u think! jk.. its prob super expensive
  6. Congrats on the new truck, and welcome to the site. Economy will get better as the truck breaks in. Winter gas kills mileage too... Also the transmission learns how you drive, more-so around town. Give it a bit PS- we need a pic of your new ride
  7. toyo at2s or goodyear duratracs.. i've also looked into cooper atw since they are snow rated, but unfortunately they don't look very aggressive..
  8. physically the 6.2 would fit no problem. why they don't make it an option is beyond me. would make for a quick factory truck... like the old 454ss or even the syclone awd turbo.
  9. was offered 41k on a trade recently after inquiring about a new 16. msrp over 62k, paid 52k taxes in. decent i think? only 26k on the odometer.
  10. looks good man. i'd toss a lightbar in that grill for sure
  11. Tried a few things, got the shakes still. -clamped leafs 6-7" behind axle -torqued u-bolts to 78ft/lbs -retorqued body mounts to 120ft/lbs, front 2 to 60ft/lbs Time to take it to the dealership and have them tell me all is within spec, again. Can't wait.
  12. http://www.trucktrend.com/truck-of-the-year/1512-2016-gmc-sierra-1500-denali-our-pickup-truck-of-the-year/
  13. Quite helpful on the highway when you're moving at a decent speed. it's straightened me out a couple times merging onto the highway when the corner is icy. Other than that, I'll turn it off at every other possible chance. it's annoying at low speeds trying to plow through deep snow. but not nearly as restrictive as my work truck, which is a 2012 F150.
  14. ANC provides terrible feedback with a subwoofer installed. Pop open the rear passenger side sill plate to get at the wire. Snip the purple w/blue stripe, cap each end. It'll disable ANC and your sub will sound great.

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