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  1. I recently drove from Ohio to Alabama and back. On the way to Alabama my navigation worked as expected. On the trip home the first few hours of the trip the navigation gave voice turn directions opposite to what was shown on the dash. If the next turn was to the right, the display showed the correct turn direction, but the voice would say "take the next left" (or something similar) If the next turn was to the left, the display showed the correct turn direction, but the voice would say "in one mile take exit to the right" (or something similar) Before I completed the trip the display and voice were back in sync. Ever experienced this???
  2. see post #16....I have never paid a cent in credit card fees.
  3. I made a cover to fit over the lower portion. Used a piece of Kydex, covered it with thin black foam and added a small metal knob to lift it. I added small rubber stickon feet to the bottom of the cover to keep it quiet. I keep small containers of tissues under neath and various things on the top......fast food bags, snack bags on a trip, glasses that I take with me when I get out of the truck, phone etc
  4. I'm pretty pleased with those numbers. My previous 07 GMC (5.3/3.42) got 18 to 21 on a trip running 65 - 75. Once I got over 65 mpg dropped quickly.
  5. You're correct....mileage came from the DIC.....I didn't track it manually.
  6. I have ~2500 on my truck and just took an extended trip a week ago and noticed the hard downshift for the first time. Until this trip I hadn't done and hard braking, but I did notice it a couple times during the trip.
  7. I made a trip from my home in Beavercreek, OH to Leesburg, AL......498 miles one way. I've got ~2500 miles on the truck. On the return trip I had ~250+ lbs less in the bed. Mileage to Leesburg - 22.7 Mileage coming home - 23.5 I kept the speed around 70
  8. I keep a step stool in the bed so I don't use the bumper step.
  9. Thanks WytRdy50......just what I'm looking for
  10. I'd like to plug the rear holes in the bed rail on my 2017 Silverado 1500. I've googled, but not knowing what they're called for sure I haven't found what I'm looking for. This is the opening that looks like a rectangle with one corner angled off.
  11. Bad day

    Wow......how the hell does something like that happen?

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