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  1. Well of course, what would you expect from JokesWagon/Audi. They always play games. About ten years ago Volkswagen played this game with customers when they complained about excessive oil consumption in their VW Beetle 2.0 liter engines. It was in 2 to 3 quarts per 3k miles or more range. It was only after many complaints and threats of lawsuits that VW admitted that there was an issue. It turns out that on many cars the oil control piston rings were installed upside down. This forced the company to repair many engines under warranty. But of course they at first tried to find an easy way out and do nothing.
  2. the handles on my 07 sierra started doing the same thing to me. Took it in, they replaced them both no questions asked and even gave an apology. (was under warranty though)
  3. You got one of those little round knobs? I bet even with all the lights on the knob on or flashing they are still impossible to see
  4. Off To The Detroit Auto Show (naias) Press Preview Days

    <grin> let's see if they are good to their word on "checking things out"
  5. Off To The Detroit Auto Show (naias) Press Preview Days

    Ask them when are we getting the hood light, glove box light, and under dash lights back. Also ask them how many chucks could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. Also, ask them what is being done to ENSURE the AFM oil consumption issues are being addressed. Let's see how truly aware of the problems they are. watch their expressions to see if they are full of BS or if they really know there is an issue.
  6. I think all those having AFM issues should get together and if GM still can't fix the problem, demand that GM buys the trucks back or think about a class action lawsuit, that might get things going with GM.
  7. Only put in what is called for by the owners manual. 87. Especially on a truck that new. You are only hurting the engine and wasting money by running higher octane in it. The engine was designed to run off of 87 Octane. (Unless you live above 4000 ft in which case you run 85 in place of 87)
  8. I am very pleased with my Delta tool box. They have been making them a long time, much longer than many of the "newer" brands mentioned above. I had a warranty issue with one of my boxes (the black paint started to flake off) they replaced it no questions asked at right about a year. The new box has served me well for over 4 years, again no issues. It might surprise you to learn that Delta makes tool boxes for some of the "aftermarket" companies out there. Delta is certainly worth your investigation.
  9. no point in doing that, the other auto makers will do the same thing.
  10. Awesome photos, Brandon. I recall seeing an old 89 or 90 Silverado come into the dealership once which had 250,000+ miles on her. 2500 HD 5.7L 4X4 and ended up belonging to a rail crew who worked with Union Pacific. She still ran like a champ but was cool seeing all the equipment on it. (rail wheels and such)
  11. You may just consider taking out the old one and putting in an aftermarket one, not sure if you can bypass the sensor on the factory deal.
  12. aint going to happen. Hopefully they fix the issue in the next gen of trucks.
  13. There is no light in the dash. The only light you have is on the knob. that little pencil tip thin light. Been this way since the GMT-900 release back in 2007. Some dude on here came out with a module that you can install that will install a light that lights up what should be the 4WD light in the dash (there is no bulb in there) You have to buy it from him but it works. Do a search on here for 4WD light. You'll find it. What you see in the cluster is the 4wd indicator but again there is no bulb back there or slot for a bulb so thats why you have to go with the aftermarket thing. For the W/T trucks they have the floor shifter for 4WD (not the knob but the old fashioned handle floor shifter) and THAT was connected to a light behind the cluster.
  14. Naah that won't work either. They'll just go out of business because they are too stupid to admit or even think that there is a problem.

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