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  1. If GM does not break the 1000 torque number Ford or Dodge will in a year or two. It would be nice to see the be first to reach 1000.
  2. Gibson Headers?

    That may be true, but Im not sure. I really dont know a lot about it, just what I have picked up from being on forums for years
  3. Gibson Headers?

    I think the general consensus is that shorty headers are a waste of money. Your better off getting a set of long tubes and have custom exhaust work done.
  4. Hey everyone. Im looking for some advice for those who have, or who have had Canopies/Toppers on their 99-06 trucks. Im thinking about getting one for my 03 1500HD. I have been browsing craigslist looking for a used one. Have not found a black one yet, but Im sure I will eventually. My truck has the "spoiler" tailgate cap, and my only experience with canopies on these trucks is my dads 06 with the smoother and much smaller tailgate molding, and Im concerned about fitment with a canopy. My dads canopy fits nice and snug, and the rear glass door has a plastic piece on on the bottom the bottom that sits nice and flat on the tailgate cap and creates a water tight seal. But since my truck has the "spoiler" cap, it sticks out much further and and I dont think it would seal up right. So does anyone have the "spoiler" like cap and a canopy? Does the rear door seal? Or Im I going to have to remove the "spoiler" cap and get a different one? Companies like Bushwacker make aftermarket ones that seem like they would work nice, and they are much cheaper than stock ones if I have to go that route. Also the "spoiler" cap is screwed on and the nuts it screws into would have to be removed in order to stick on a smooth one. Does anyone know if these nuts can be removed? Has anyone switched from the "spoiler" cap to the smooth one? Here is a picture of the "spoiler" cap on my truck: And and example of a smooth aftermarket one:
  5. Pictures of the dogs that protect your truck

    I took Riley for swim this morning. It has been a while, I think he was starting to dry out. LOL
  6. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    The oil pump stopped working and in less than 2 miles from when my oil light came on and I limped it home it started knocking bad and smoking. I took it to a shop that only works in Subarus and they said the turbo may have been saved because I never went into boost but the engine was toast and needed a full rebuild. They quoted me $4000 to fix but they were 16 weeks out from being able to work on it. They do one rebuild a week and had 15 ahead of me. I guess turbo Subarus have a bad habit of blowing after about 120k miles sometimes sooner. I spoke to another shop who could have rebuilt it right away by they quoted me $8000 and the dealership quoted $10000. The original shop offered me $4000 for the car as is. So I took it. It was only worth about $8k even with the rebuilt engine so i said screw it and I sold it to them. I really like my new car and I got a great deal on a much nicer, faster and lower mileage vehicle that should last me a while.
  7. The only advice I can give you is that 35w is plenty, and in my experience 55w are not any brighter than 35w they just change the color tempreture. And as far as color temp goes, 4500k is stock HID color and the higher up the Kelvin rating you go thes less light output there is. I personally like the 5500K, they have just a light tinge of blue to it which looks nice, but not ricey at all.
  8. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    Just picked this up about a month ago. This is my new daily driver since the Subaru blew up.
  9. Very Nice! I would love one of those
  10. Post a Pic of your Favorite Truck that you've ever owned

    Yeah I know I know. But like I said it was probably a smarter and mor practical decision to sell it and keep the truck I currently have
  11. Post a Pic of your Favorite Truck that you've ever owned

    05 Silverado SS. I kick myself all the time for selling it, but in the long run I think its the right thing to do.
  12. Thats strange. I have never seen a cluster go completely dark. Ive seen bulbs go out, stepper motors fail, and the display go out, but never the whole thing. You can call your dealer and see what they have to say, but I have a feeling they will charge you a ridiculous amount. You could always give Steve Letcher (The GM Gauge Guy) a call or email. He is the cluster expert, and may know what the problem is. If you have to have him fix it, he does amazing work and you wont regret it. http://www.gmgaugeguy.com/
  13. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Well I finally completed my Morimoto Retrofit project. What a pain in the butt. I ran into a ton of problems, mostly having to do with the crappy ebay headlights. I also had issues getting them adjusted, but I think I finally got it taken care of. Im loving the light output Lows: Highs:
  14. How much is the Diesel going to cost? If you can add it on for more less than 2 Grand it may be worth it, but if they try to jack up the price to lets say 5k, then screw that.

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