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  1. mandals, we ended up getting a 16 Denali XL. We bought an Iridium Metallic one with 22in wheels, active cruise, rear DVD, power steps etc...Exactly what I was looking for. It had a little over 25k miles on it. I love it. I didn't get the chance to test drive a 5.3 SLT but based on ours I don't think I would have liked the nearly 80hp/80ft. lbs of torque difference. We drove about 8 hours to pick it up in Litchfield, MN. @ Davis Motors. We had a fantastic experience with Davis Motors. We arrived a little before noon, drove it to lunch went back and filled out the paperwork and were back on the road by about 430pm. It averaged 22.5mpg's on the drive back home. This replaced our POS '14 Explorer Sport(never again Ford).
  2. Does anyone have any experience with Cal-Tex? My wife and I are picking up a 16 Denali XL on Thursday and the salesman was telling me about this protection plan for it using Cal-Tex. I've never heard of them so I was wondering if any of you had any experience with it? Would I be better off just buying Cquart and doing it myself? They are offering an exterior/interior protection package than has a 7 year warranty for around $675. Thanks for any help.
  3. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I do like the RST, especially with the 6.2/10spd and the Brembo option but I need the extra room in the back of an XL.
  5. I've been looking around for the last few weeks at Yukon XL's. I have been finding some decent deals on Denali's (around $58k with 20k-30k miles) but I have started to think maybe I should just get a new SLT. The 6.2/8spd combo is basically the only reason why I want a Denali. I haven't driven an SLT to see the difference in power but I did enjoy the Denali. Just trying to figure out what the better choice is as far as reliability goes. Any experience with used Denali's in the 30k mile range? Those of you that were considering a Denali but ended up getting an SLE/SLT, do you regret it? One other question....Locally we have 91 premium and E85/E10. Is 91 ok for the 6.2 or does it have to be 93? Thanks for any opinions.
  6. Those of you that have bought from Laura, what kind of prices are they willing to sell at? Much lower than what they advertise or not? The thing that kept us from buying one our first trip there was the trade in prices they were going to give(roughly 4k less than KBB or NADA.) They did eventually jump that up by about $1500 but were still too low for my needs.
  7. What do you carry for your CCW?

    Went back to carrying my Gen4 Glock 17 with Ameriglo suppressor sights, a Trijicon RMR and aSurefire X300 Ultra. Before that was my Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon with 10-8 sights and a Surefire X300 Ultra.
  8. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    85k+ miles. Uploaded with ImageShack.com

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