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  1. Have a oil leak I can’t see

    These since you took care of the oil pan gasket. Mine started leaking as well. It has been dry up till two weeks ago and it was a nice leak as in three drops every time I stopped the truck. Replace the oil pressure sensor since it looked wet from what I could see and it wasn't expensive and the oil pan gasket and it is still leaking. So the next is the rear main and crank sensor. Sucks to have to pull down all the 4x4 stuff along with the tranny but I can't complain with 177k on it and this is my first leak. I'll change out the transmission front seal while it is down and easy to get to as well.
  2. I didn't realize that. Seems the only thing on the lots here are leather with heated seats and the cloth ones didn't have them.
  3. Makes sense to incorporate it into other GM lines. I like the fact that they are bringing production back to the USA. I can't wait to find out the full specs of all the new engine line up.
  4. Shift knob is on the dash on the new Ram truck as well.
  5. Would a High Country Custom Trailboss with the 3.0 or 6.2 be an option?
  6. Transmission fluid change ?

    I would change the filter and refill with fresh fluid.
  7. Hard to say for now until they release what trim level the diesel and 6.2 will be available in with a CC.
  8. Thank-you GM-TRUCKS

    I agree, GM-Trucks keeps up informed as soon as the content becomes available and possibly before hand. Job well done!
  9. FCA US Launches All-New Ram 1500 – Specs, Photos, Video

    One thing it has going for it is the shark fin antenna is in the back middle of the cab. Looks better than up front off center.
  10. diesel for 19

    One thing for sure is that there is probably going to be ton of issues with the new Dmax. First year out and all new design, if it doesn't have little quirks here and there then that would be a good thing.
  11. At least the DEF tank is non visible and the fill is next to the fuel fill. Unless they make the DEF fill different so a diesel nozzle will not fit in it, I can see someone putting diesel in the DEF tank.
  12. That is odd, with electric power steering I wouldn't think the cold would effect it.
  13. I don't see any reason to disable it unless you modify then it makes sense since it was designed around a stock vehicle. Our 2016 Burb benefits from it, but we do live in the flat lands of eastern NC.
  14. Verizon vs AT&T

    Not sure if it was our complaining or what but service has improved. We were on the fence on jumping to AT&T. Turns out Verison has a little better deal for what we are getting. We don't get unlimited. No need for it. We do most on home WiFi for the most part. So until our time is up on our phone payments, which is in Nov. We are sticking with Verizon for now.

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