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  1. Skimped on interior

    The interior of my K2 is WAY nicer than my GMT900. And was a major redesign. Granted it is LTZ vs LT, but still. So I'm not surprised that the 2019's aren't that much different.
  2. I didn't like the first pics of the 2019's, but the more I see of them, the more I like of them.
  3. Does anybody else have favorites on their screen from their USB device?
  4. Gents, I searched for this and couldn't find anything. But does anybody else have any issues with losing favorites on in their truck? I have a USB drive in the USB port in the console, with a bunch of music for me and some for my kids. But every so often, the favorites from the USB drive just disappear. The USB is still plugged and powered and working, but the favorites disappear. It seems to happen more often if I'd been listening to something off the drive, and shut off/restart the truck. But certainly not every time I shut the truck off. They never come back on their own, I just have to manually re-add them. I hate to be one of those guys who say this, but a >$50K vehicle shouldn't have this type of thing happen. I'm hoping it's operator error and I can fix it.
  5. Couple Looking for Intro to Home Defense

    I worry more about wall penetration if worse comes to worse. I don't plan on shooting in the hallway towards my kids' bedrooms, but you never know. I feel like that rules out pistols and rifles. I like the idea of a smaller shotgun. Like a 410 or 20 gauge, with a shorter barrel. Especially if I think my wife may have to have it, I don't seen her being comfortable with the 45 or AR in the dark of night . . . Good video of wall penetrations. (RIP Barry)
  6. 2019 Chevy Silverado Spotlight - Cargo Bed Area

    I like the sound of a power tailgate. Not sure if it'd just be a gimmick, but still pretty cool.
  7. 2019 RAM Has A Massive 12-Inch Uconnect System

    I'm not opposed to touchscreen controls, after all it is the 21st century, and has been for quite a while. What I am opposed to is not having constant access to basic vehicle functions. Like, if it's cold and I need my defrost, I don't want to have to wade through several screens. My old boss drove a MDX and it was amazing how far he has to drill down to turn his heated seats off. My truck is one button, that I can hit without even looking at it. Though, with the voice recognition maturing out there, maybe actually touching buttons or screens is old school . . .
  8. diesel for 19

    Good. I don't understand why we don't have more diesel engines in this country.
  9. I, for one, welcome all the half ton trucks with diesel engines. I know that 350 diesel in the 80's had issues, but I think small diesel engines are a great idea.
  10. My '07 had AFM and towards the end (100k), would burn at least a quart per oil change. Sometimes closer to 2. I did go longer on my changes, but it still shouldn't be using oil. It went through half a quart per change when it had well less than 50k on it. But I feel good knowing I saved ounces of fuel over the 10 years and 100k miles I had it . . . My '17 hasn't burned any oil, but I'm at 5k miles. I'm gonna give it some time before i judge!
  11. I'd do a roll up bed cover. Works fine for hauling ATV's and such, just roll it up. I'd also get one of the underseat storage units for the back seat. I waited like a month before I got mine and it was surprising how much I missed it. I went with the Du-ha brand, but the GM one and Husky ones look fine too.
  12. It's fun for sure. Just remember 4x4 doesn't allow you to stop any faster . . .
  13. Well yeah. But I don't think I should be able to feel it like that. I never did in my 2007. Maybe it was broken and I never knew
  14. In my '07 I got to the point where I'd put it in Auto when is was a little sloppy out. I never noticed much fuel economy difference or anything. But in my '17 I can 'feel' a little different in the truck in Auto on dry pavement. I think it's in my head, but I feel like something's spinning under there?

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