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  1. I can't wear a baseball hat in my truck without it rubbing sometimes. No way I'd be able to wear a cowboy hat. Any hat I wear gets removed and set down while driving.
  2. My Samsung S7 Edge was made before my 2017 Silverado was. If I take the case off, flip the phone around, hold my breath, and don't move too much it'll slowly charge. Just as GM designed, I'm sure
  3. If looks can kill, don't open this thread.

    That's actually real?? I thought it was a photoshop. And a bad one at that
  4. WIth our daughter, we did the middle for a while. I have long arms and it was tough to reach. And that was with the carrier clipping into the base style of seat. My wife is much shorter and she had to crawl in to do it. So when we switched to the normal style seat we went passenger side. And then my wife's new car is bucket seats anyway, so there is not a middle seat. I was also surprised there were no anchors in the middle of my '17, since my '07 had them. I also had to read the manual for the upper tether and ran it through to the middle like @aero10 said
  5. Welcome BACK! New software testing and complaints

    Ugh I hate change. And this is a drastic one. But I haven't noticed any 'problems' per say. I haven't found My Subscriptions or the alternative yet, but I haven't dug very deep at all.
  6. First truck

    That's quite the change. Welcome aboard!
  7. That's surprising. My S7 Edge won't fit, even without the case. And according to the internet the Note 8 should be 1 or 2 mm wider. I'll have to take my case off and try again.
  8. I'd start an account on Autotrader or similar and check it multiple times per day. And/or email alerts. Especially if you're looking for used. New? I'd think the dealer would be able to find you what you wanted somewhere.
  9. Ram 1500

    Your Chevy has treated you well for years, so it makes sense to go to a different brand. Seriously though, if height is the problem, just lift your Chevy and save yourself thousands of dollars.
  10. You don't find it odd that a wireless phone charging tray won't wirelessly charge a phone? Just because I don't use the trailer light plug, wouldn't excuse GM in my mind if they used some weird plug that didn't fit half the trailers out there.
  11. LOL. People put all these high tech switches and chipped keys in, but all you need is a flatbed and a comealong.
  12. Slope assist is not Hill Control Descent, right? Mine shouldn't have the Hill Control Descent (no button either) but every so often I get this Hill Start Assist message. Typically when I'm stopped at this stoplight going up a hill. Mine's just going up a hill, not down, so maybe we're talking two different things. Can't quite figure it out and it doesn't seem to always show up in this spot either.
  13. That doesn't seem all that unreasonable, given the age and miles. But I'm far from an expert on the matter
  14. It's nice that GM put that gun slot in for those of us with center consoles.
  15. My Samsung S7 Edge is physically too wide to sit down in the tray properly. Even without the case. I think if the tray were 1/16" wider, we'd all be happy as clams. OR at least whine about the lousy charging. But I agree with the Android Auto the issue is moot. It just seems like on a $50k+ truck, using the wireless charger should be up to me.

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