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    2015 Sierra 2500 HD SLT Double Cab 6.0
  1. As most here know - Stabiltrac will definitely save the truck from fish tailing out sideways into what ever happens to be there, especially when the tires are over spun OR the pavement is wet, sand, snow, ice ... I leave mine on (off is cool cool if you want to go sideways ...) (See Youtube burnout failures) Traction control is just related to rear tires slipping - allows you to do as you please wheel spinning wise (up to a point) (and until you fishtail sideways / if stabiltrac is on it will stop the sideway slide and cut down on the spinning as well) many rookies turn BOTH off to do burnouts and then overspin the rear tires to the point that when the sideways slip takes over there's no recovery to driving straight again, because the tires are spinning so fast they just continue spinning (even when you let off the gas) with way too much spinning momentum, and the uncontrolled side slide is the result ...
  2. Any new news about your truck issue ? The Detroit automaker, which lost $3.9 billion last year, announced profit-sharing as part of its full 2017 earnings report. Before taxes, GM made $12.8 billion on $145.6 billion in revenue. Its pre-tax profits in North America totaled $11.9 billion, and that’s the figure profit-sharing is based on. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2018/02/06/gm-profit-share/110146262/
  3. What are your feelings about a console shifter ? I like the look of the "other" trucks with it. Definitely has a more sporty look (to me). My current SLT already has the huge console without a shifter available ... Would plowing snow be easier or more difficult ? D to R and R to D ... My friend said it would just waste more space but that space usually just has some junk stored there anyway +- Any idea why GM does not offer it ? I wonder if some people bought the "other" truck because of the shifter location (for looks or use or ...) ? Would you prefer a console shifter over the column shifter ? I would try / buy it if they offered it.
  4. Thank You Redwngr - your always on top of most all these post - I assume you work for GM ?
  5. FWIW - my 15 HD SLT 6.0 had the original headlight bulbs replaced under a silent campaign for the issue of LACK of lightbeam width, new bulbs are only slightly better (dealer said the new bulbs required the truck computer to be re-flashed) ... I never have had the issue you have
  6. sounds like GM just BSing - either that style light has that characteristic or it doesn't -- my 2015 HD SLT has crappy light beam width but NOT a bouncing motion
  7. ODD - no other manufacturers have his issue ?
  8. FWIW - one major change the manufacturer SHOULD ALWAYS have to do when the vehicle is on the assembly line: the assembly worker should be required to put a sticker on the part / issue that is not right ! (I understand the line is moving and only so much time can be allowed so if it is not correct it just moves on by and gets forgot about) {like the part was not fitting or the fluid ran out} As I understand it the dealer is responsible to correct any deficiencies on a new vehicle, but the Dealer Prep is TOTALLY LACKING ! I've bought 4 NEW GM Trucks and 3 had assembly issues that "I" had to find: 1: No refrigerant in the AC (I brought the truck back in spring (winter purchase) and after it was filled it was fine forever) 2: Passenger Electric window was not right, upon dissemble a connector was missing 3: Rear Differential was less than 1/2 full of fluid - my local service guy discovered it at 1st oil change I'm amazed that the assembly line and dealer both DON'T DO THEIR JOB RIGHT - buyer beware It's getting to the point where it be best to take the NEW vehicle to a private service garage to be checked out prior to buying !!!
  9. just asking - Does that Low Clearance stay on the truck year round ?
  10. as others have said - try driving up a long hill thats icy snowy with trac control on - no way to get up without turning off trac control ...
  11. I'm amazed how popular the F 150 Eco Boost is - I would have never guessed the average truck buyer would want that ... (maybe those buyers are just SUV buyers that decided that a truck with somewhat good mileage and a much better image being a truck - makes the grade (?) ) I read the Eco Boost unit has a life span of 150,000 then to be replaced as general maintenance - not sure how true that is
  12. Go play in a snow covered parking lot to see what you prefer ... Try Turning off traction control ... because you won't be spinning those tires for fun (or if you start to get stuck and need momentum - like having to go up a long slippery hill) ... but always keep on StabilTrac (anti sideways). I find if the road is covered in snow & I want to pull out, once the tires start to slip the truck power goes DEAD which is something I DON'T want. your results may vary.
  13. WHAT ? the 2018's are already out ... http://www.gmc.com/trucks/sierra-2500hd-pickup-truck/build-and-price.html#/config
  14. Corvette ZR1 Convertible Pics & Prices

    Hmmm no standard equipment Roll Bar (?) (or Bucket Seat type)

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