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  1. I am. Going through all gears and then letting it idle for a few minutes. I followed the owners manual to a T.
  2. I checked it how it said. Between 180-200* but it might have been too soon after driving. By the time I let it sit and was able to check it it dropped to 155*. I'll try to check it after work today before I leave the parking garage. It will have to be a cold check but should give me an idea.
  3. Just an update. I tried checking the fluid yesterday when it was registering 190* but I guess it was too quickly after I had driven it and couldn't get a reading. I let it cool and set and when I rechecked it at 155* the dipstick registered almost full. I'm guessing that means it's overfilled if it's registering full at 155*?
  4. What is the proper fill level for the 4L60E? I know it needs to be in the HOT markings but is it better to be somewhere in the middle or the top? Right now I'm right under the top of the hot crosshatch (Maybe 1/16 - 1/8"). Should it be more in the middle of the HOT marking or as close to the top as possible? The reason I ask is that my trans got to about 196 this past weekend towing a 16" tandem axle trailer (trailer is actually fairly light too, I can pick up the tongue by myself) with just a couch on it around town. It was around 90* or so. Max speed was maybe 50 mph. I wondered if I had a little too much and it aerated and started to foam and might need to take just a little bit out. Wasn't sure if it was better to have it around the middle of the HOT markings or closer to the top of the HOT markings.
  5. 2:45 mark is especially painful to watch Not sure what happened but his rear tires a locked. Not sure if that happened because it submerged or if it simply slid down a wet ramp. Wonder if he applied the parking brake too?
  6. I'll take a look at them. Any idea of a part number that will fit. When I filtered it down there are still 450 different ones. Any idea what size the stock cooler is? I can't measure it right now and won't be able to for a few hours.
  7. Is it possible to add a small electric fan to my trans cooler? I was thinking something like a motorcycle or 4wheeler cooling fan since they are small and should fit. I don’t really want to mess with changing out the stock cooler because of leaks, having to mount it, etc. I don’t really have the time to get into all that. I was thinking that if I could find a small puller fan it should work. Since it can get pretty hot here in TN and with stop and go traffic, towing trailers, towing a boat and all that the temps can climb pretty quick. I know most say that anything under 200 is ok but I’d rather not get it that high and would like to keep them around 190 in the hottest days of summer. I feel that anything additional to help cool is better than nothing. Since I am not savvy with electrical, can somebody help me out with wiring? I can’t just wire something but if I have a diagram/directions I can do it. I just can’t “wing it.” I’d like to have it come on automatically but if I have to use a switch to control it, that would be ok.
  8. Driving the Rockies: HELP

    We just got back from a trip through the mountains. San Jose -> Sequoia Natinoal Park/Kings Canyon -> Yosemite -> South Lake Tahoe -> San Francisco. We went through some pretty steep and curvy roads throughout or trip (1600 miles total in 10 days). We had to rent a '17 Surburban since we had 6 people + luggage. Since it had the 6-speed I used tow/haul quite a bit through the mountains and it worked great along with the grade braking feature. I used manual mode when we went down the really steep stuff but for the most part just left it in tow/haul and it worked perfectly. On a side-note: I loved the hill start assist in San Francisco! I have been there a few times but never driven and that was a lifesaver when having to stop on some of those ridculously steep hills. I have an '08 Silverado so I don't have any of those features on my truck. After driving the Surburban it really makes me want to get a new truck.
  9. Not yet. I've been busy that last few weeks and haven't had a chance to really mess with it. To answer a previous question, no, I do not have adjustable pedals.
  10. Could the pedal assembly going bad cause the issue I sometimes have?
  11. Some days my truck feels like I need to press the accelerator pedal futher than normal to get the truck to go. It's not so much from a stop light but more so when driving and if need to accelerate or get the truck to downshift up a hill, to pass, etc. If I'm going 50/55 and need to get the truck to downshift it feels like I have to push the pedal at least half way down before it will even think about downshifting or accelerating. Other days I feel like I barely have to press it and it downshifts and takes off. Could the sensors in the pedal being going bad and not sending the proper signals to the rest of the truck? I also get a clicking noise coming from the accelerator when it's really cold. It happens every time I let off the pedal like when I'm coming to a stop, coasting, etc. If I do replace it is there any relearn that I need to do? The Haynes manual just says to unplug and remove and the install is reverse of removal with no mention of reprogramming, etc. Obviously I would disconnect the negative battery cable.
  12. Salt cure for venison jerky

    I wasn't sure where to put this. I am in the process of making some venison jerky from a deer I got last weekend so I need to get some salt cure. Most of the recipes that I've found online call for InstaCure No. 1. I can't find it anywhere locally and don't want to order online if I don't have to. I did find A.C. Legg's locally and wanting to know if they are both the same. Both are 6.25% Sodium Nitrite and 93.75% table salt. Being that they have the same makeup I would think they could be used interchangably but wanted to check first. Anybody here cure their own venison and know if they are interchangable?
  13. Correct. I'm running the 4L60E. If I remove some TM I'm only going to remove about 20% and see what happens. Also, I don't drive my truck hard or do anyWOT runs and drive fairly conservatively. I just want to reduce a little of the sluggishness.
  14. I have a 4l60E with about 113K on it and currently have only a Vette Servo on the transmission. I want to tune some TM out of the tranny and considered also installing the firm shift TCM tune. Will that shift too hard and possibly damage the transmission? Do you think it would also be too hard from a perception/feeling standpoint?
  15. I guess I'm more worried about burning oil since it seemed to drink it the last time I used M1. I'll probably change it in the next week or two when I have time.

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