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  1. My 2015 Silverado does all of that (actually you can pause and rewind FM and AM too) ...
  2. For those getting rotations at the dealership -- make sure they also relearn the TPMS. This is supposed to be included in any rotation. Of course, you can also buy a tool and do it yourself (costs $13 and takes around 30 seconds): http://www.tpmstoolshop.com/wholesale/el-50448-auto-tire-pressure-monitor-sensor.html
  3. This. Except when you put the selector into that "notch" you can change this number using the "+/-" button on the shifter. But beware it is NOT designed to be used like a manual when you are in this mode. It just limits the highest gear that the truck will shift into.
  4. Chris, This has probably already been asked but is there any way to get a "Chevy Blue" cluster into a 2015? I really want to do this but don't want the GMC Red on the cluster while all the rest of my lights are blue. I think the Tahoe/Sub didn't start offering this cluster until 2016.
  5. Tightening the cables won't make a difference. They need to check for voltage drop through the cables just like the Tech Bulletin says ...
  6. It's something like "Settings" then "Radio" then look for "Manage Favorites". There should be an option to show the number of presets (in multiples of 5) or to set it to Automatic. Or if you don't want them shown at all just hold your finger on one of the presets and swipe down and they should slide off the bottom of the screen.
  7. Thanks. Just updating for others -- the part number above is for the Black wheel. For Cocoa with heat (but no collision) the part number is 84053918.
  8. Just don't let the dealer charge you. If they try to charge just wait until the truck needs an oil change. If you have that done at the dealer they relearn the sensors when they rotate the tires. Or better yet just buy one and do it yourself. Costs $13 and takes about 20 seconds: http://www.tpmstoolshop.com/wholesale/el-50448-auto-tire-pressure-monitor-sensor.html
  9. When they did the G218 TSB did they check all the other things listed? It covers battery cables, a short near the starter, and some other things.
  10. This was the best money I ever spent: http://formafunnel.com/ You can get them on Amazon and other places for around $13, I use it for all kinds of garage activities!
  11. If you want a really great cleaning look for a shop that offers BG Products services. They actually force cleaners through all the major systems using special equipment. If you have it done regularly they even have a warranty on the serviced systems (fuel, trans, oil, steering, brakes, etc. depending on which package you get). It can get a little costly but if you are keeping the vehicle for a while it is worth it. You can also buy individual bottles of some of their cleaners and put it in the system by yourself just like Seafoam, CRC, etc. This doesn't do as good a job as the Professional service and doesn't carry a warranty but it still helps a lot. https://www.bgprod.com/
  12. It's not just the mechanicals on a Salvaged vehicle -- many insurance companies won't insure them. If you are thinking about buying one check with your insurance company first to make sure they will cover you.
  13. Don't ever pay full price for an oil change at the dealer. There are usually discount coupons here (Certified GM Service website): http://www.mycertifiedservice.com/
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    No kidding! I bought a 1994 new in Dec '13. Kept that truck and drove it daily (and worked it hard!) until 2015. I was thinking of getting rid of it but my then-16-year-old decided he wanted it. I gave it to him and he still drives it every day. The dash looks just like yours, almost the same aftermarket stereo (but I painted the Metra dash adapter gray and replaced the stock radio controls with the pocket they make). It only has 160,000 on it but like I said he still drives it every day. I just hope my 2015 holds up as long!

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