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  1. They don't even compare. The cheap ones on ebay are Chinese knockoffs made of thin material that don't fit well. They probably infringed on his patent too which is why ebay is trying to shut them down (but they can't get all of them). I have no connection to the guy that made these but I can tell you they are a quality product. I had an ebay version over a year ago and they were junk. I emailed back and forth with the guy at RailCaps and wasn't sure I wanted to spend $25 either but it turned out to be some of the best money I spent. My tonneau seals nicely and when I take it off and want to use the handholds it takes me about 30 seconds to pop both caps back out.
  2. Have them check the fuel line at the back of the engine: http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=7569
  3. http://www.seatbeltextenderpros.com/chevrolet-silverado-seat-belt-extender/ Get the 3" Rigid in the color to match your interior and leave it plugged in all the time.
  4. Is your phone connected by Bluetooth? If it is when you first paired it you should have gotten a couple of pop-ups on your phone that asked if you wanted to give MyLink permission to access your Contacts, Media, etc. If you answered "Yes" to those it may be able access your calendar as well and you gave them legal authority to do that by answering the question. You could try deleting the phone from MyLink Bluetooth and then re-connecting. See if you get the pop-ups again and answer each one individually with permissions (for example you need access to your Contacts to do voice dialing by name).
  5. I have a tonneau so I bought a pair of these and love them: https://railcaps.com/ Eugene was great to work with. He laser-scanned the openings and these things fit and match perfectly. They are quality and not the cheap Chinese ones on ebay. They also are easy to pop out when I want to have the holes open for a handhold.
  6. I gave up fighting GM on the chime volume. There is a PIT that instructs the Tech on how to turn the volume down but it didn't make much difference. After that I even worked with the Infotainment Team Specialists and they weren't able to fix it. I just bought one of these: http://www.seatbeltextenderpros.com/chevrolet-silverado-seat-belt-extender/ Get the 3" Rigid in the color to match your interior then plug it in and leave it there. No chimes!
  7. Try the "Search" feature -- there are already a bunch of threads on here about it. Also cbrsilv15's video above shows you most of what you need to know.
  8. Seafoam is pretty good stuff. Liqui Moly is a little better. If you want an even better clean use BG 44K. https://www.bgprod.com/catalog/gasoline-fuel-system/bg-44k-fuel-system-cleaner/ If you want an amazing clean get a BG fuel/air induction system clean done by a certified shop. It uses special pressurized equipment to force the cleaner through all the orifices in the engine. https://www.bgprod.com/services/gasoline-fuel-services/gdi-fuelair-induction/
  9. Like I said before you need to get LED bulbs that are compatible with a CANbus system. Ask the manufacturer -- I'll bet the ones you bought are not compatible. It causes interference in the system and that's probably what is causing the "snow" in the backup camera.
  10. The only way I know to do it is to switch out the HMI. Chris White on this forum can do it for you.
  11. Actually there is a fix for that too. It tells the Tech to file down part of the latch mechanism. They did it to mine and it stopped the squeak but unfortunately I don't have the PI or TSB number handy.
  12. 4. Middle console creates a loud squeak noise when hitting bumps (pot holes and what not). Do you have the full-length floor console? If so the squeaking is probably coming from the trim around the console. There is a bulletin that tells the Tech to pop the trim off and put felt tape along the "holes" where the cupholder snaps in. I did this to mine and have not heard the squeak since. Here is some of the PI: General Motors PI# 1262 Condition/Concern Some customers may comment on hearing a rattle noise coming from the front floor center console/cup holder area. The cause of this condition may be build variation of the console components, which creates a loose interface between the console trim plate and the floor console assembly. Recommendation/Instructions Add felt flocking tape to the front floor console trim plate following the steps and information below: Note: The tape should line up to the bottom edge of the standings ribs, and should cover all four ribs. Remove the floor console cup holder and trim plate. Refer to Front Floor Console Trim Plate Replacement in SI. At the location shown in the illustration below, add an approximate 40 mm x 210 mm (1.58 in x 8.3 in) piece of Kent Automotive BRS flocking tape P/N KT13487, or equivalent, to both sides of the trim plate. Reinstall the floor console trim plate and cup holder. Refer to Front Floor Console Trim Plate Replacement in SI. Verify the rattle condition has been repaired.
  13. Your truck should have had them from new. If they are missing your dealer threw them away after they installed the loops.
  14. Search these forums for the "G218 ground fix" or something like that. It may not be your problem but you can check it easily for free by yourself.

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