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  1. I did a similar mod but I tapped into the LED bed lights. Then when I want to get in the bed I hit the cargo light switch and the bed lights and step lights both come on. I used these: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolt Oznium was great to deal with and gave great support!
  2. Search the forum -- there is a TSB for this.
  3. The Centennial Editions also have the inserts in the mats that were listed above (the Z71 style mats).
  4. It's really confusing! There are actually 4 different things we are talking about that are all available on these trucks: Hill Start Assist Holds the truck when stopped facing uphill. When you take your foot off the brake and move to the gas the truck will not roll backwards. Comes on automatically each time you start the truck. It can't be disengaged. Hill Descent Control Only for low-speed "rock crawling" type driving (under 13 mph). Actually modulates the ABS for individual wheels to control downhill speed. It is only available on Z71 and All-Terrain trucks. You must press the button in the bank of switches below the HVAC controls to engage it. Grade Braking (normal mode) Uses the transmission and brakes to slow the vehicle. It is automatically activated each time you start the truck. You can disengage it by holding the Tow/Haul button in for 5 seconds. Grade Braking (tow/haul mode) Same as normal mode above but the shift points are different and the braking is more aggressive.
  5. If you plan on reusing them or selling them do NOT follow that video. What you can't see is that there is a small "lip" in the center of each clip that will break if you pull them off like that. It looks like the clip is still okay but once that small piece breaks off the trim will never stay down once somebody tries to reinstall it. You can buy replacement clips but that would be added cost. If you search the forums you can find lots of discussion about these and pictures showing the little lip I am talking about. If you leave them off you will have small gaps near the window. I would keep them on but just change the color. You could just paint them to match or check the For Sale section. There is usually somebody looking to sell or trade these so you could just put black ones on.
  6. When you click in the Search field in the upper right you will see a dropdown appear just to the left. For some reason it defaults to "This Topic". Change that dropdown to "All Content".
  7. Actually there are guys on here that can do it but you need to switch out the HMI. They will program the new one to your VIN and you will get the options that came on that model year. Look up members "GTPprix" or Anthony at MVI (www.gm-navigation.com).
  8. I see you guys are all fairly new members so try using the Search function on these forums. There are 2 different guys on here that do the upgrades. They come to you plug-and-play but they are not cheap (I think around $1000). The users are "GTPprix" and a guy named Anthony from MVI.
  9. So did anybody get the part numbers for the side emblems (the ones that show "100" on them)?
  10. Just FYI -- that is correct but you are turning off "Grade Braking". Hill Descent Control is a completely different system that only comes on the Z71 and All-Terrain trucks.
  11. Is your truck still under warranty? If it is then the dealer will replace your exhaust with the "new-style" that has a redesigned flapper in a different location. If your truck is out of warranty you are SOL. At that point you can bolt it open or cut it off. There is no way to get any grease or lube into the part of the flapper that squeaks.
  12. GM (and most other car manufacturers) have always charged for updates. The GM system is designed around Navteq GPS and can only use their updates. The only official place to get updates is http://www.gmnavdisc.com I agree they should include updates. You pay $150 for a portable GPS and get free updates but you pay $1100 to add the factory nav and they want to charge you $150 a year for updates!!
  13. Posted in other threads here that talk about it (there are 4 or 5 already) but here is the short info: 1) Remove A-pillar trim (if there is no grab handle it just pops off; the ones with grab handles just remove 2 bolts) 2) Remove front of dash near windshield (it also just pops off) 3) Not needed but I unhooked the ambient light sensor and removed the tweeter to get better access to the ground studs 4) Remove ground nut, remove paint and clean under it, and reinstall tightly while making sure no insulation is stuck under it 5) Replace everything That's it. I did both sides and the whole process took about 20 minutes. I haven't had an electrical issue since ...
  14. Well I saw this too late to help you but if you flip the OEM liners over there is a line where you trim them to fit around the sill plate ...

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