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  1. Favorite brand of battery powered tools?

    For me, if it's hardcore daily use, Hilti all the way. A bit pricier than the pro-sumer stuff from the box stores, but much more powerful & robust. Their cordless stuff is really hard to beat. Far as I know you can only buy from their own stores.....Have a Hilti SF -18A Cordless drill that I bought in 2012. It has done a lot of reno & construction work, plus a lot of home projects. Batteries go all day with constant use & recharge in an hour. They still hold a charge like new. Has enough torque to give Popeye a sprained wrist & can easily run 4"+ hole saws thru structural lumber. Also have a Dewalt heavy industrial combi-hammer (corded), which is a pretty good unit & it has broken and drilled a lot of concrete. Don't really care for the Dewalt pro-sumer stuff unless you're just using it around home sometimes. Milwaukee heavy industrial stuff is good & was always one of the gold standards for years, but the pro-sumer versions you buy at the box stores doesn't live up to that anymore, IMO. It used to be that you bought a drill or saw & it would pretty much last you for life, or at least several decades, but not anymore unless you really pay up for high end stuff. Also with cordless, it's hard to get batteries to last more than a few years. AvE has some pretty good power tool disections & reviews on YT.
  2. I think if my truck had any unidirectional tires on it, I'd rotate like that. However, I have bi-directional tires on both my winter and summer rims. I've always bought bi-directionals. In my experience, doing it this way actually does the most to prevent cupping/flat spots & odd wear, as the tire not only changes direction for about 1/2 its life, at different intervals, but gets a different set of forces & harmonics applied to it at each different hub. Any odd tread wear that may start happening at one corner gets cancelled out on the next hub & if not that one, for sure on the next after that. The carcass of the tire is very much OK with that- it was designed for it. It's worked quite well on my last 4 vehicles and about 600,000 total miles. It also probably helps as well that I don't buy shitty off-brand tires........ Granted, I'm not saying that this is what others should do. It's just what I do & I find it works fine for me.
  3. My 2017 has been very good. About 35,000 km so far. By far the best vehicle I've owned!
  4. I figured somebody might get it. Been caught in that uphill logjam more than once, sometimes caused by an underpowered big truck, sometimes caused by a clueless Clark Griswold in a minivan with waaaaay too much camper.... LOL
  5. Your fuel mileage seems fairly low. Should be low to mid 20's on the highway. What gears are in it? Do you have an exceptionally heavy foot? The vehicle is already broke in, so nothing will improve further from that standpoint. Personally, I was hitting some of my best mileage in the first few thousand km on my '17 Sierra 5.3 6sp 4x4 DC. My current long term average (over 20,000+miles), including all types of driving; city highway, stop and go, winter, summer, pulling a trailer, etc., is about 19.5 mpg US.
  6. Might be trading in

    The issue isn't having less than max weight in the trailer. It's having the weight properly balanced on the trailer. You're correct in having the water tank over the axle. However, (based on what you've described) you're currently too heavy in the front of the trailer & need to move some of the weight from the front of the trailer to the back to get the weight balanced properly, regardless of whether the water tank is empty or full. It's immaterial if the vehicles were in your dads name. If they were your choices and purchases, then I'd suggest there may be a pattern worth looking at. In other words; the issue you brought to this board in the first place may not be what you think it is, but something else altogether. If all those previous vehicles were indeed yours, I wouldn't be surprised if you become very unhappy with the 09 Duramax in about 6-12 months...... Just some thoughts...
  7. Might be trading in

    It sounds to me like you have probably 5-700lbs of weight on your trailer tongue, maybe more. That much weight will easily make the truck sag an inch or two, especially when it's using the extension of the hitch as a lever. It's no different than loading a mid to larger size ATV in the bed of your truck, or a bunch of bags of cement. If you have that much weight on the tongue, it seems like it's probably about 20-30% of the gross trailer weight, which is too much & you need to rebalance the weight in the trailer to get it correct. The hitch weight should be about 10-15% of the gross loaded trailer weight. Perhaps the truck isn't as pathetic as you may have thought...? Also, if you've went thru 20+ vehicles in 10 years, perhaps there is a pattern you might consider examining.......? ;)
  8. I'm probably the odd one out here; I rotate my own tires about every 10,000km and just move each wheel to the next hub in a clockwise manner - LF>RF>RR>LR>LF. Always worked fine for me on both 2wd and 4wd vehicles. Doing it at home also gives me a chance to look at the brakes and other things.
  9. You can comfortably tow something up to the 7 or 8,000 lbs range without too many issues. Yes the truck is rated for over 10g, and can definitely tow that. However, the problem with the weight maxed out is when you hit a big hill going into a strong headwind, such as the westbound 401 at Wooler rd. You'll have the thing to the floor, probably doing 60 or 70 kmh in the slow lane, causing issues for everyone else. Especially not fun on a busy long wknd. You don't want to be 'that guy'......LOL IMO, get the lightest most aerodynamic one in the size & feature range you want. Try to keep your gross under about 70-80% of max rating. Remember that water and other fluids typically add about 8-10lbs per gallon. It's not uncommon for people to underestimate how much crap they'll put in the trailer. Account for how much weight this might be & add a margin of error for that; say 500 or more lbs. You may bring guests at some point, account for that weight. Just some thoughts, nothing more.....
  10. I had the TSB update for the nite backup camera issue done to my '17 Sierra a while back and it works great now. IIRC there is another thread about this in this forum, or the main model year forum on this issue as well. Not sure if the TSB is the same as the a22 radio contoller update......
  11. 4wd Auto and 4wd high can be used at speeds as high as the truck will go. The truck was designed for that.
  12. YZ250F Lunges and stalls

    Are you riding in the cold weather right now? Does the clutch work at all when you're riding? There are a few possibilities; You could have some clutch plates stuck together, which sometimes happens if the bike hasn't been rode in a while. However, they usually free themselves up after a bit of riding. The clutch basket could be worn, which can sometimes cause the plates to not free up properly when the clutch lever is pulled in. If riding in cold weather, the oil will thicken when cold and can cause the clutch to be really draggy. However, it should improve when the engine warms up. The release bearing, or shaft could be worn, making it so that the clutch can't release all the way when you pull the lever in. Your cable might be stretched and worn, making it such that it can't fully release the clutch even when adjusted & the lever is pulled in all the way. I hope this helps?
  13. Respectfully, I'd have to mostly disagree with this. A person opening a car door is responsible for being in control of that door, until it's closed. If they let it fly open into a neighboring car, causing a dent, it's their fault. It's the same as when you open your door when parked on the side of street; door a bicyclist, pedestrian, or car & it's your fault. A person opening a car door in a lot is also responsible for being aware of what the neighboring vehicle in a parking lot is doing and noticing if it's running, etc. The kid did at least 2 things wrong; wasn't aware of the OP's truck & wasn't in control of his door. If the truck was 8" further ahead, there would have been a nice dent from the kid carelessly opening the door. The OP may possibly have erred in not fully checking that mirror, but on that same point, he's not in the wrong if he first checked it, saw it was safe, then started moving ahead, then the kid opened the door.......
  14. About to sell my house without having a new one lined up....

    Also, worthwhile to check all the non-realtor sites like Craigslist, "For sale By Owner' sites, etc. There's usually a lot of hidden inventory out there, not on the MLS system.
  15. About to sell my house without having a new one lined up....

    If you have a checklist of what you want & see a house you like, in a neighborhood you like, at a potential price that would be in your budget, it never hurts to approach with no expectations & ask the owner if there's a remote chance that they might be thinking of selling, or moving. You never know! Sometimes the world works in funny ways; They might say no initially, then 2 weeks later they get offered a big promotion at work, or get transferred, or the wife/husband decides they now want a divorce, Or they have a friend, associate with a similar house that is thinking about selling...or who knows??? All of a sudden your phone number & interest becomes quite valuable to him/her. I know of people that have done this and got a house. Do that a few times and you might get just what you want...... Better than just stressing about it, or waiting for a realtor to come up with something.

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