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  1. I really wish GM would give up ALL the details soon... I would really like to know how custom they can be configured.... I really wouldnt mind a Custom Trailboss with the 6.2 but thats highly doubtful....Im willing to bet that the 6.2 will be reserved to the LTZ and HC like the K2 It makes me wonder...in the GMT-900s ..the 6.0/6.2 was only available in the LTZ at first then in 2010 they made it available in the LT trim until 2013..Then the K2 comes out and its only available in the LTZ/HC for all 5 years of it...what gives??
  2. Skimped on interior

    X2 on that... I do agree that the interior isn't as upgraded as I thought it would be with an all new design... I don't hate it, but I think the Ram interior is more functional..( I dislike the TV screen they use though).. I LOVE the fact that the Ram rear seats recline, and the console seems pretty useful
  3. Hard question to answer as we don't know know what features will be available in each trim.... If going by looks alone, then that's a different story.... With that being said, I would lean towards the RST or whatever other lower level trim the 6.2 is available in..Not interested in a High Country
  4. Saved me typing as well.... Still trying to understand how the "round" top of the arch can fit a bigger wheel/tire if the bottom lip to lip point is the same dimension
  5. Nice... How do you like the M23..I was considering upgrading the stock muncie for the M23..what ratios did you go with?
  6. LOL...Thats actually the exact set up in my 1970 Nova...Solid roller 383 , Muncie 4 speed and 4.56 gears in a 12 bolt...4,000 RPM at 65mph
  7. Yep, thats exactly what its like...Is rather have it running a few hundred more RPM rather than constantly downshift , upshift, downshift, upshift driving down the highway, its annoying as hell..give me a few hundred more RPM and im happy..... My 2011 with my stock wheels and tires with the 6.2 and 3.73, i have gotten 20.0 MPG highway if im not hammering on it...on a nice highway cruise i can easily get around 19MPG....20MPG if im keeping it under 65 and light on the throttle....In my everyday driving, usually rural back roads and some highway im usually between 15-17 ... The ratio difference between the 3.73 and 3.42 is more significant than the 3.42- 3.23 is, so thats why im wondering how it is on the highway Im old school, and i usually like the deepest gear i can get, but its alot harder to finding a 3.42 truck comapred to the 3.23s...Its tough because I like the Z71 front ends way better than the regular LTZ chrome front , plus I hate woodgrain interiors, but I do like having the "fast" truck.
  8. OK, so looking at possibly getting something new... I am torn between the 3.23 or the 3.42 with the 6.2L.. ..when I ordered my 2011, I wrestled with the same decision on whether to go with the 3.73 or 3.42..I went 3.73 with the max tow, and couldnt be happier...I love the way it will hold 6th gear pretty much anywhere I go unless its a really steep grade, even then it only comes out of lockup..Very rarely does it ever downshift to 5th, I love that about my truck.. With these new ones with the 8 speed, my biggest concern is the downshift factor with the 3.23 since in 8th gear it will be at a very low rpm...My wife has a 2014 tahoe with the 5.3 and 3.08s and it constantly downshifts at the hint of a grade, or even a stiff head wind..lol.. I hate driving it because of it ... I feel if I get the 3.23 I will be in the same boat.... but maybe not I dont know.. I know due to the 8 speed, even the 3.23 will "feel" stronger than my 2011 throughout the rest of the gears, its just being in 8th that concerns me So has anyone driven both the 3.42 and 3.23 and have any insite on how they drive on the highway?? For what I tow, open car trailer with a 3500# car, either should be fine to tow with...Im more concerned with daily driving and trips with the downshifting
  9. Most of it will be for fleet purposes....They will only be available as ext cab short box in W/T, LS & LT trims with the 5.3L...They did the same thing when the went from the GMT-400 to the GMT-800, then again from the GMT-800 to the GMT-900..1 year carryover for those that didn't want the "new design".
  10. I have to say, these posts crack me up.... Why do some of you guys get so damn offended because someone else doesnt like the new redesign??..Calling them "haters" and "not understanding design" I honestly dont get it.. Who cares..Everyone has their own opinion of what they like...It doesnt bother me one bit if someone likes it or hates it, its their opinion!!! .. I still think the worst design they ever did to a truck was the 03-07 front ends...I think its horrible, but some people like it and thats ok with me...Why cant we just respect each others opinions, and not bash someone because they like it or hate it? I dont love the new design , nor do I hate it...Its definitely different than anything they have ever came out with before.... There are things about it that i think look good and other parts that I dont care for, that..yes i think look a little fordish..sorry if that offends you, but I can see a resemblance, also not a fan of rounded wheel wells....I showed my 9 year old and he said " what??..It looks like a Ford"......At a quick glance it does resemble the ford front end, especially the "E" around the headlights, but if you look at each truck panel by panel you can see there is a design difference.
  11. X100000!!....Most of those packages are full of crap that is undesirable to me ...Why a sliding rear window is not a stand alone option on ALL trim levels is beyond me
  12. I have the Recaros in my 2014 Camaro ZL1...They are a comfortable seat, but I feel the padding could be better, still feel a bit stiff. Maybe they need to be broken in more?? I really hope they take off more clothes on the new silverados, I really want to see what the next 6 or 7 years will look like so I can plan accordingly!... Might have to get a 2018 if the 2019s don't appeal to me.... so far Im not too impressed by the shape of them , not a fan of the rear slope roof line and super high belt line...or the round wheel wells ...hopefully its just a façade
  13. I agree...while I don't find them awful, my 2002 was 1000x more comfortable, nice and soft..almost sofa like..Actually come to think of it, the whole interior of my 2002 was much nicer than my 2011, it didn't look like cheap grainy plastic like my 11 does...As much as I like my 2011... I think my 2002 was a much nicer truck, especially on the interior.
  14. I have used Mobil 1 and filter since new and my oil is the same as yours...black when it comes out... Last oil change, I went to a WIX filter, still Mobil 1 oil though...still knocks
  15. Love It!!... Simple & clean..perfect wheel/tire combo... I like it with chrome, its just enough to set it off...

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