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    '14 GMC Sierra SLE 4WD Z71&'91 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 4WD Z7
  1. Man - It is obvious you either never road a dirt bike or never road one the slightest bit hard. Just the upper body strength alone required to ride an off-road machine like this is tremendous. Do a little research before posting.
  2. My '91 Chevrolet Silverado Regular Cab Long Bed ( 8 Ft. ) Z71 4WD has a 34 gallon fuel tank. I have the original window sticker. Listed under Standard Equipment.
  3. For what it's worth I like my 20's but do not like the SRAs.
  4. TPMS - can multiples be used?

    You need one of these: EL-50448 TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SENSOR ACTIVATION TOOL https://gmtoolsandeq...px?SKU=EL-50448
  5. EL-50448 TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SENSOR ACTIVATION TOOL https://gmtoolsandequipment.com/en-US/Pages/ItemDetail.aspx?SKU=EL-50448
  6. SOLD! Sold locally for $300.00 today,
  7. Manny - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll leave them for sale for a week or so. I am open to offers.
  8. Additional Photos. Tread Depth is about 11/32nds. When New Tread Depth is 12/32nds.
  9. I currently have the WT mud flaps on my '14 GMC but am considering switching to these: https://duraflap.com/ DuraFlap offers extra long or wider flaps.
  10. Glad no one was hurt. I own a '14 GMC Reg Cab Long Bed. So far I haven't smelled anything burning or seen any smoke. Please let me know your build date and final assembly location. My '14 was built in June, 2014 and final assembly was completed at Roanoke, IN. Does the window sticker for your truck have a statement like the one below from my truck? US/Canadian Parts Content: 40 percent Major Sources of Foreign Parts Content: Mexico 51 percent Thank You.

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