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    Proving Pythagoras wrong, measuring the various amounts of belly button lint in relation to the type of fabric in the shirts that I wear, eating, and the mating habits of the ring-tailed tree lemur of Madagascar.....Oh yeah, and beer.
  1. I miss you guys

  2. I miss you guys

    My Wingnut was gone, so I just picked something random from my old Photobucket account LOL I currently have 5 vehicles in my driveway. 94 Jeep Wrangler, 2006 GTO, 2012 Rogue (wife's), 2013 Tundra, and 2015 Tacoma (flipping it for family). Tundra is my DD. Life's too short to keep buying the same thing over and over, so I went with something else...At the time, it had the biggest back seat on the market (other than the megacab, but I don't need 3/4 ton) and I had two kids in rear facing seats, so that's what I went with. I'll probably buy a ZR2 Colorado Diesel in the next couple of years, because the kids are now in boosters and I LOVE the size of this Taco I've been driving around.
  3. I miss you guys

    I exist. I'm doing well... Just busy. And for the first time in my adult life...No GM truck in my possession LOL
  4. I miss you guys

    Life gets busy, time consuming things get shed due to priorities...Get used to not coming here... Life!
  5. What Are Ya Drinking

    I think it means you've won! Won a free hangover!
  6. I am sadly, no longer a member of this club.
  7. Random Pics That You Have Taken

    Tried my strobes for the first time: wide by BurnsyPhoto, on Flickr
  8. Random Pics That You Have Taken

    6.5 months old or so: j23 by BurnsyPhoto, on Flickr 7 months old: j25 by BurnsyPhoto, on Flickr
  9. Random Pics That You Have Taken

    Nice! I got some pretty good 4th of July pics last night...Hopefully, I can get some of them processed in the next few days.
  10. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    Looks great man. Thanks for the video!
  11. 5.3l Gas Saving Mods?

    Old-chevy-dude is mostly right. While some things may slightly increase your gas mileage, the effects aren't drastic...And once you factor in your savings, it will take 27 years to save what you spent on the mods. He's pretty much spot-on for the driving habits though. Here's what my experience has taught me: -Keeping it below 2k RPM will do wonders for your in-town mileage -Certain speeds are better for mileage, and those spots are dependent upon your drivetrain/gears/tire size. My '02 would get close to 22 on the highway at around 63 MPH with the AC on (AC off and windows down creates a lot of drag and I'd actually get worse mileage). If I upped it to 70, it would drop to around 15-17 MPG. 4x4 Z71 ex cab with 3.73's and slightly oversized tires. -Tunes have netted me around 1 mpg on almost everything I've ever had tuned without changing driving habits -Nothing I've ever bolted on to a truck has ever netted me enough savings in mileage to offset their cost within 5 years.

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