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  1. I went with AC Delco Durastop when I had the rear drums done, I think they were like $65 at Rock Auto.
  2. Our year trucks do not use a PCV valve, not sure what year they began omitting them. The revised valve cover has a baffle in it to prevent it from sucking oil.
  3. My 2008 5.3 had been using about a half quart every 3000 miles. Since it wasn't leaking or burning any oil I targeted the AFM by doing two things, I installed a updated drivers side valve cover and had the AFM turned off in my Black Bear Performance tune. It now uses zero oil. I cant say if it was the valve cover or AFM or combination of the two that was causing the usage.
  4. Your options are to disable AFM and to leave it in 8 cylinder mod with the range unit mentioned above or a custom tune. If your talking about wanting delete it entirely the kit with all the hardware starts about $400 and involves tearing down the top end of the engine.
  5. Bought a GMPP cold air intake #17800809 for my 08 Sierra years ago, ran it for a few weeks and got tired of the intake noise, removed it and put the stock air box back on. I would like to sell it, Its been sitting in the garage ever since just taking up room. what do you guys thinks its worth?
  6. +1 for Rockauto. I just ordered rear shoes from them for my 08. One thing you will have to decide on is which ACDelco line you want, they have three grades, Advantage, Durastop and OE.
  7. when I checked the shoes at 79k there was about 1/16 of an inch left, I'm now at almost 90k, what would that equate to how much is left before replacement? I don't plan to do the brakes myself, I got a bid of $250 just for the ac delco shoes and found them online for at least half that, thought I'd save some money and get the parts myself rather than pay full msrp.
  8. My 2008 Sierra 1/2 ton is about due for rear brakes, looking on line there are two types of brake shoes for rear drum on this year truck, one using hold down pins and the other that does not. Is there a way to tell which type I have? Vin search maybe?
  9. Heat wise I think its about as good as you can do short of mounting down low on the frame, I liked this location because its ahead and away from the engine and behind the radiator ( and it was easy ).The most important part of the catch can is size (volume) the bigger the better, this allows the vapor to cool and separate the crude from the air, also the longer the length of the run of hose helps the cooling as well. As for the shield, I myself wouldn't bother, its still in the engine bay and its going to get hot with everything else. For the Bolt size on my truck (08 5.3) there was already an OEM bolt in the alternator bracket, I just pulled it and matched it up at a hardware store.
  10. I mounted to the alternator bracket, there are two pre-tapped holes on the side, and used 1/8" steel bar stock.
  11. On the intake side its 11/32" and 3/8" or tad bigger on the pcv side. I used a clamp on the intake side and didnt even bother on the pcv side as it was plenty tight.
  12. When I installed my catch can I used 3/8" rubber transmission line and removed the stock line completely. I didnt need any fittings or clamps as 3/8" fit tighter than the stock tube. Also my truck is an 08 I would think they would be the same,but you might want to check fitment to be safe.
  13. Yeah, Theres 2 Torx screws that go into the top of the dash as well 2 8mm(?) screws to the left and right behind the vent trim panels.

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