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  1. I can believe it but also believe it's different depending on the persons ear and the model of horn perhaps. I'm a firefighter and was in the bed one day. The other guys carried in a train horn in my room that barely wider than a twin mattress, and also a portable air compressor. I can tell you it was very very loud, and also cleared the room of all dust:/. My ears were ringing for alittle while that day, but got back to norm before the day was over if I remember correctly(probably 10 years ago now). By no means am I condoning, and it deff wasn't smart or mature of them.
  2. Thought this forum was the traffic cop/moral police place to go... I stopped asking questions awhile back because that's all people do here. Ask a question and no one answers, instead they give 1000 reasons why you shouldn't because the law/manufacturer/ etc blah blah
  3. Man this thread has got a lot longer. Question, I did the RC level on my 2015 that came with the blocks for the back and spacers that went above the coil over and spacer below strut. To me thinking about the geometry of everything it was perfect. Fast forward to now, fixing to help a buddy do his ram. His assembly looks identical. Now rough country makes you compress the coil over and add the spacer there which seems a$$ backwards. Went to look at mine and also pull it up on their website. On the website they don't offer the same kit now. Is there a reason they changed it up? I'm sure y'all have spoken about it but there's 340+ pages in this thread now.
  4. Imagine

    And I'm also sure that theres a way to prevent it from opening due to object/ or ground level underneath like pointed out above. Surely all the fords that have this feature on SUVs don't have their rear hatch just flying open at free will. I'd imagine something along the lines of while vehicle is in gear the sensor is off, or is locked like the doors. And people that act like it's a useless feature, perhaps next time they are carrying something heavy with both hands and have to sit the items down to open tailgate they'll remember this idea. This idea seems like one of the more practical features to me, could save you from a back injury. Having to sit something heavy down and pick it right back up seems like added work that's unnecessary. That's not me being weak, but being smart. I work out of my truck on the job site everyday I'm off from the station, and anything to help is welcomed. The tail gate open with the key fob idea posted above wouldn't solve this issue, and actually seems less practical seeing as you have a hand free to hit the button you could open tailgate with that same hand. I've learned that this forum is full of people that try to say that new ideas or new features GM actually implements are useless or problems down the road. Reminds me of my dad who thought I was stupid for having an iPhone, at the time he said all he needed a phone to do is make calls. Fast forward a few years later now he loves all the stuff his phone does. If GM never implemented new ideas then what's the point of continually coming out with new models? Just keep rolling out the same truck every year if that's what this crowd thinks is needed.
  5. Imagine

    I remember those days.
  6. Imagine

    "That's not my name"
  7. Imagine

    Screw you guys, I'm taking my ball somewhere else to play then
  8. Yeah that's one reason I don't get on here much these days. I'd wind up spending as much as I did on the truck just getting upgrades like I did to my last truck.
  9. Yeah I don't know why it bothered me. On a side not just got to be extremely careful with heat gun. That fabric on the visors will melt away with too much heat. I did that on one of mine, luckily a replacement wasn't insane, I think $75 dollars. Then I had to try again so it would match the one that was complete. The key is take your time. I removed them also of course
  10. I removed mine not long after getting my truck. It's kind of a b*tch honestly. I used a heat gun, to very lightly heat it up and pull them off. Then used some abhesive removed to get glue off. Then by hand washed it to get the abhesive smell off. Then let the dry. I'll try and find pictures of them removed or just take some
  11. Imagine walking to your truck carrying something very heavy. Now imagine getting to your truck and swapping your foot under the rear bumper and your tailgate opening, with the already controlled decent we have. Boom! Mind blown! Chevy engineers, I have spoken
  12. All good man. I was more upset about the other guy before you, and in general really. I don't get on here much anymore because it seems to be the norm for people to not answer and to give their opinion. That doesn't mean you are the cause of it. Sorry
  13. How did this answer the question asked? You would have failed this test. For example; question 1. If you are traveling from at 90mph, how long would it take to drive 90 miles? A. 2 hours B. 60 minutes C. 1 hour 30 minutes D. 3 hours Notice how there's no option for you to explain how you feel traveling 90 mph is wrongly against the law. And besides, you don't know the circumstances on why I might want to do this. Perhaps I have my wife and new born child inside the vehicle. Would that be a good reason? Perhaps I don't have a reason, it doesn't pertain to the question. If I asked what are your opinions on blah blah blah, then that would be different. Like I told the other guy before, reading comprehension is something that is very important in life.
  14. I may or may not try. I only ask because I know it did on my 2006 Silverado. And it wasn't as simple as clearing the code and going about your business. It kept coming back for alittle while after. It was saying I had a bad gas cap if I remember correctly. New gas cap did the same thing till finally for whatever reason stopped sending codes. And I had stopped refueling with truck running, it was sending the code anyways

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