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  1. I have an MX4. I like that it fits flush at the top of the bed. Mine leaks (sometimes) at the 2nd seam. I dealt with Bakflip once on a bent rail and they sent me a new set of rails without issue. I need to call them again. All in all I'm satisfied.
  2. As I type this, my 2017 LTZ Z71 6.2 is in the shop for the same thing. For the 6th time since I took delivery of it as a brand new truck with 6 miles on it in late August. I'm likely headed for the Lemon Law and an attempt at getting it exchanged or repurchased. The dealership agrees there is an issue but they can't seem to fix it.
  3. GMS Pricing info needed

    www.gmsupplierdiscount.com If you remember his login and password you will get right in and be able to generate the PIN to get the pricing. If you don't, you will need to setup a new login, and you will need the Company Code (which typically comes from the HR department.) Alternatively, you can use the Costco buying program if you are a Costco member. It's actually a better deal; you get Supplier pricing and also get a Costco gift card for using their program. It's worth a couple hundred bucks, depending on your membership level.
  4. Can't answer for the 07-13 body but I bought one for my 2017. The GM one was about $18 more...it had brackets that installed over the seat bolts. As I recall the Husky one used straps. For me it seemed like brackets would be sturdier. This is probably the best upgrade I've done so far. Incredibly handy place to store stuff.
  5. You have to hold the lock button down to get them to autofold. And hold the unlock button down to get them to auto unfold. Just like the memory seats, which now require you to hold the button down for them too.
  6. Fuel pump pressurizing the system. Makes the truck start quicker which takes some of the load off the battery.
  7. There are 9 different headrest DVD kits available depending on whether or not you have cloth or leather, what color, and if your truck is a High Country or Denali. All are listed on the chevroletaccessories.com and/or gmcaccessories.com websites. I have not done an installation on a Silverado / Sierra but I did install them on my 2010 Yukon Denali. It wasn't particularly difficult. Biggest issue on that truck was removing the seatback panels which break easily. (I broke one getting it off). The newer trucks have zippers which give access to the inside of the seat.
  8. Mine is in for the torque converter fluid flush and change as we speak. I had the software reprogram completed last week which seemed to help a bit on the upshift/downshift issue. Anxious to get it back and see if the shudder/vibration is gone. The dealership already has told me that if the fluid flush doesn't fix it, I'm to stay in the loaner another couple days and they will replace the TC. I should know something more by lunchtime today.
  9. I'm going through this right now on my '17. The dealer has road forced the tires and the next step is the torque converter drain and flush. That's scheduled for this coming Monday. They have already told me that if that doesn't help they will replace the TC. Work with your dealer. The one I'm working with seems to be pretty good.
  10. My 17 LTZ Z71 is in the shop again....last week when it was in they gave me an 18 LT with 11 miles on it. Today when I dropped it off they asked if I would be OK with an '18 Tahoe LT with 700 miles on it. Fine by me....
  11. I had a 6.2 in my 2010 Yukon Denali. Traded it at 190K for the 2017 Silverado with a 6.2 Great motor.
  12. I'm getting between 17-17.5 around town (combination stop and go and freeway). Had it on the road for one extended trip so far and got 21 mpg at 80 MPH. Impressed so far.....
  13. Dealer might give the option.

    I replace them when they start throwing a TPMS light. Discount tire charges less than $50. Installed.

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