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  1. I have no idea where you guys drive your trucks, so I will take your word for it that you need your lifts. That said, I was 50 miles from the nearest hard road in north Idaho and didn't need a lift, so I think there are plenty of guys out there that can go everywhere they want to go at stock height.
  2. Just throwing this out there. I recently took my truck hunting in north Idaho. I was a little worried because my truck is stock height and there are some fairly gnarly forest roads back where we hunt. Anyway, I didn't have any problems at all. My feeling is that you do not need to lift or level your truck unless you are really doing some offroading that is far beyond what most of us would ever consider doing with our trucks. I think a stock 4x4 will take you anywhere you want to go. That said, I take it some people may level or lift for looks, and aren't doing it to keep from getting stuck.
  3. I have a tune on my 65 Pontiac. 78 jets in the front, 86 in the rear, 38 degrees total timing, and the idle feed restrictions are one size smaller than stock.
  4. Perhaps the OP's concerns are really about the different shift algorithms used between the two different trucks? My HD seems to have fairly high RPM shift points, higher than I have ever seen in a 1/2 ton.
  5. I had a 2012 2 door Rubicon and then a 2013 four door Rubicon. If Jeep could build a quality product, I would still have the four door. But I had so many problems with my Jeeps, and I have never had problems with either GM or Ford. I wish GM or Ford would build a dedicated, convertible Wrangler fighter, something with a front solid axle and locker, removable doors, etc.
  6. just remember that the transmission is a torque multiplier, and the lower the gear, the more torque multiplication. and, the lower the gear, the higher the rpm.
  7. just let it rev, that is how gas engines make power. people think they are hurting the engine, but they are not.
  8. check out the dragon edition wrangler sometime.. it looks like the smokey and the bandit trans am made a baby with a jeep.
  9. Ford F-150 Awards Just Won't Stop

    i bought a 2016 gasser hd silverado specifically because it had the least technology and, not coincidentally, the best reliability. i am sure a gasser hd would score dead last in a contest like this, but if i am still driving it in 20 years, that will be the contest that matters.
  10. Yes! The very first LS engines in the trucks had some cold knock issues, they got that cleaned up quickly. Everything from then until the GMT-900 had the best engines GM ever made, you cannot beat a GMT-800 LS engine for durability.
  11. If you are only concerned about functionality and value, get a GMT-800. If the nicer ride and creature comforts are important to you, wait and get a GMT-900. I drove a base model GMT-800, stick shift V6 4x4 regular cab. I loved that truck. If it weren't for kids and dogs, I would still have that truck. I got it for like 15k brand new, outgoing model year, massive rebates, GM card rebates, military discount, etc. I mean that was a freaking truck, man. If I were a single guy, I would personally look for a regular cab, 4.8 NV3500 truck, but they stopped making the 4.8 with the manual trans before I bought mine. That would be such a fun combo.
  12. Calling all old timers

    A leakdown test is really your best bet. That will tell you if the valves and rings are all sealing.
  13. I have a used truck I want to sell. It's got 40k miles on it, really cherry. Interested? Come on, man. It was a joke. Although there are a lot of people out there like that, and it is worth remembering that whenever you consider buying used. On my new stuff, I follow the owner's manual and get the oil changed at a shop. On my old junk, I do the oil changes myself. I use use zinc additive and cheap 5w30 in the flat tappet 396, and VR1 10w30 in the hydraulic roller Pontiac 505.

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