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  1. Nah I have snowflake-rated all terrains, the tires are pretty good. These conditions were pretty bad, the forest road was often banked toward the drop-off. Snow on top of older ice, you could hear the ice crunching under the tires in places where it hadn't melted off. Just bad, bad, bad, news.
  2. Thanks, I am glad to hear you are able to run them with those tires. Yours are an inch taller than mine.
  3. crankman, what size tires? do you run both front and rear? thanks!
  4. Went hunting in north Idaho last week. Long story short, a storm came in overnight and we had to come down some very steep, narrow grades in 6 inches of snow and ice without chains. I did not take mine along because I have 265/70R17 tires and the manual says you cannot run chains with that tire size. Given my experience last week, I am doing something. Either getting some 245/75R17 snow tires and running chains on the rear as suggested in the owner's manual, or just going to try my current chains on my 265/70R17 tires. Anyone run chains on their HD or otherwise have thoughts on this?
  5. yeah i love the wt trim. it is almost like driving a truck.
  6. Favorite Songs

    jerry reed.
  7. yeah the 4.10 vs 3.73 is less than .5 mpg difference.
  8. this one goes out to all the 5.5 bed guys. no judging here.
  9. So much depends on your circumstances. If you drive in any major city, or put your truck in a typical suburban garage, you don't want a cc with a 6.5 bed. I work in a fairly small city and store my truck outside, so the 6.5 bed doesn't hurt anything. And i have an old 72 longbed I use for hauling, so the cap makes sense as a place for the dogs and storage if we road trip. But some people don't have dogs, some people work in major cities, some people park their truck in a small garage. So they need the shorter bed. Also, hard as it is to believe, there are even some weirdos that like the way a 5.5 foot bed looks on the truck. Are they wrong? No. They are just different. Like transgenders, vegans, and pastafarians.
  10. I like the 6.5 with a cap so I have somewhere to sleep when the wife gets cranky. You guys sleeping in open 5.5 beds must be tougher than I am.
  11. sometimes you will see someone cross shop a max tow 6.2 vs a duramax, maybe they will get something out of it.
  12. I average 13 in my 6.0 crew, I see 16 on long trips if I drive slow. My brother has a 5.3 Tahoe, he sees 20 or so at best and averages around 16. I think most people will probably see 3-4 mpg difference. That's not chump change by any means, and plenty of people don't need an HD, but personally I didn't see the difference as prohibitive. That being said, I have a short commute.
  13. i will go with fuelly, spent too much time learning about sample sizes to let one statement influence me. the difference for the average user is 2-4 mpg, not 10.

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