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  1. Stealthbox

    Tried several times to sell this thing here, no luck. Here is the ebay link for it if anyone is interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JL-AUDIO-Stealthbox-for-2007-Up-Chevrolet-GMC-Full-Size-SUVs-and-Trucks-/111048357383?pt=Car_Subwoofers_Enclosures&hash=item19daff7607
  2. Cleaning garage

    Hey everyone, I'm going to give this post a bump to the top. Still sitting on a bunch of stuff. Exhaust and ipod interface gone. Shoot me an offer. Tony
  3. Cleaning garage

    Update: the ipod interface has been sold The stealthbox has a pending sale. Rest is still avail... Let me know
  4. Cleaning garage

    Could you send me a picture of your center console. There are 2 different console inserts one has a deep front compartment the other is flatter. When I got the stealthbox I had to get the other console insert I had the wrong one. If I remember correctly it was like $45 from GM parts direct or some website like that.
  5. Cleaning garage

    This is the application chart. The part I have is the pxdp. I did not see anything specific about it being bose. http://peripheralelectronics.com/techPDFs/3iPod_Interface/iPod_Interfacing.pdf
  6. Cleaning garage

  7. Cleaning garage

    I am having trouble posting the rest of the pictures, I will keep working on them, but I could also email them to you if you are interested.
  8. Cleaning garage

    Ok, so I am getting rid of some stuff. All of this stuff came out of my 2007 GMT 900 Sierra. -Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD. $450 It comes complete with PAC wiring harness for NON on star vehicles. So, it is just plug and play. It also has the steering wheel control module and cables for ipod and a usb port that will play music or certain video files right from a flash drive. -JL Audio stealthbox with sub. $300 This is a 10in sub that fits right under the center console. You can't even see that it is there! it is really pretty slick and sounds darn good. It isn't going to shake your truck apart or anything, but it does give a really good sound. I'm not 100% sure but I think that it will replace the bose sub in trucks with the premium sound. http://www.jlaudio.c...uv-trucks-07-up -Rockford 150s amp $50 This is an older amp that still works great. It actually works perfect with the stealthbox as there is a little compartment under the console that this fits perfect in. I only have one of the side plates as you'll be able to see in the picture, but if you use it with the Sub it won't matter. -Boston GT20 amp $150 This is a two channel amp used to push a set of component speakers that are actually still in the truck. It fit very nicely inside the compartment in the center console. If someone wanted all of the stereo stuff we could probably negotiate on the price of a package deal ;) Peripheral electronics Ipod interface. The model is a PXDP. This is used to hook up to a factory stereo and allows you to play and control your ipod with your radio controls. I don't know exactly what applications this one works for, but can look them up. I used it in my 2001 silverado. I was thinking $50 -I have an ECM/TCM set if anyone wants them. I don't know what they are going for and can't really remember what I paid for them. I think I just saw another set on here for $125ish, so if anyone wants another set that is what I will go with. -Magnaflow cat back dual exhaust. Make me an offer...it has been used for like 2.5 years and sounds really nice. In fact when Justin at Black Bear tuned my truck he commented on how good it sounded. It is a stainless steel system though so it should be ok for an awfully long time. It is sized for an extended cab. Also, not sure i'm going to want to ship this one. I'm in SE MN if anyone wants to come take a look. Lastly I have some bits and pieces from a Series 77 K&N intake system. I think I have everything except for the actual intake tube. so...the filter and shroud thing that replaces the airbox. Make an offer.
  9. 2007 Sierra

  10. 2007 Sierra

    Hey guys, haven't been on the site for a while. I'm regrettably here to post my truck for sale. My wife is going back to school and has to cut down on how many hours she can work, so the check book could use a little extra help. Here's a little bit about it. 2007, GMT 900 extended cab. It has 51,000 miles on the vortec max 6.0L engine. The 6.0 has VVT and AFM (although I had the AFM turned off with the tune). It is an SLE with convenience package. I think that includes remote start, back up sensors, and adjustable pedals. I have modded the truck a little bit. This includes stainless steel cat back duals by flowmaster, a custum black bear tune(i also have another set of computers with a stock tune), I put a transgo shift kit and a vette servo in it to tighten up the shifting, and I have to say it is pretty awesome after Justin at black bear tweaked things a bit. I have a line-x bed liner and also had the rocker panels and around the wheel wells done to prevent rock chips. It has a pioneer touch screen dvd player with a set of pretty nice boson acoustics components and a 10in JL audio sub in a stealth box in the center console. The components have a dual channel amp and the sub has it's own too. I of course have the OEM exhaust and stereo if you want too. I have two sets of wheels and tires both OEM GMC rims. One set of 20in with more of a summer tire on, they are the OEM goodyear eagles and have about 30k on them. and one set of 17in with General Grabber AT2 they only have around 8k on them. I am at work and can't load any pictures right now, but I will list my craigs list ad and can send you pics just email me. swenson.anthony@gmail.com Oh I have it listed on craigslist for $22,000 but can be a little more flexible we can talk. Also I am located in SE MN http://rmn.craigslis...3178986259.html
  11. Don't have any GM trucks that fit 'yet' but '94 ford ranger 2.3L 210,xxx (my daily driver) '89 Olds 98 3.8L 255,xxx '95 Olds 88 3.8L 235,xxx (lil sis still driving) '01 Olds Aurora 4.0L 298,xxx (mom's daily driver) My mom has always driven oldsmobile's we get them when she is done and then she gets another one. Honda and Toyota drivers can say all they want about long lasting cars, but GM has put together some good ones themselves. I can't believe that they stopped making the 3.8 the things just keeps running. Know of a couple with over 300k and it isn't uncommon to see 3.8s with over 250k. Go GM

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