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  1. I just tried to place an order with Adam's using the 10% off GMT coupon code but it says it's invalid. Do GM-Trucks.com members no longer get a discount?
  2. I keep my truck manual and related literature in there to keep the glove box clean and free for more handy stuff.
  3. I too have replaced my license plate bulbs with Philips LEDs - man those things are bright!
  4. What wheels and tires are those? They look great!
  5. Had Rhino lining and undercoat sprayed on the truck over this past weekend.
  6. Funny you say that, I was just thinking about that when I was taking pictures of my Husky liners... maybe that's why I haven't purchased the center hump cover. So I can be reminded that I actually do have carpet under there. haha Here are a couple pictures of my husky liners up front and in back.
  7. I went with x-act contour for both the front and back (full back) and they look and fit great. I'll try to post a picture tonight when I get home.
  8. I had WeatherTech liners in my 04 Sierra, because Husky wasn't avaialble, and the WeatherTech's are okay at best. My 04 didn't have the button to hook them in place and the bottom of the WT's are smooth and are made of a harder plastic - so they moved. In my 16 Silverado I went with Husky's and glad I did, not only does the Silverado have the button to keep them in place the Husky's also have small spikes on the bottom to prevent them from moving around and the flexible rubber is much nicer in my opinion. Husky gets my vote from now on.
  9. Great looking truck @Grjfer. That's exactly the type of look I'd like to achieve as well. As for Option 3, what blocks did you buy and where do those get installed? I'm assuming under the leaf springs? What liability would adjustable struts bring to their shop?
  10. I've never leveled or lifted a truck, any suggestions on how to get back some rake on the rear? It doesn't have to be the same amount just an inch or so - that way when I am pulling I'm not squatting so bad as a completely leveled truck.
  11. Instead of creating a new thread I figured I'd ask here... I'd like to make my front end sit a little higher and am considering getting Bilstein 5100's on all four corners, however I don't won't a perfectly leveled truck as I'm seeing many people doing. I do pull a trailer from time to time so I still want my rear end to sit a bit higher than my front so when I tow then the truck will be level and not have the rear end squat. Will the Bilstein's allow the front to sit higher, say 1.5 - 2 inches higher and also make the rear sit higher than it is now to keep the rear higher or do I need to do something else to the rear end?
  12. Here's a quick video I put together for you...
  13. Yup I have the I05 radio and the auto sound is under the settings menu.
  14. Well I'm heading back up to Indiana, which is where I bought the truck, to see family and now have an appointment with the dealership I bought the truck from to check out the radio and update it if needed.

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