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  1. Can't comment on what type of grease to use, but really curious why it would need shortened?
  2. Illinoisains?

    Anyone else from western Chicago suburbs? I'm in Oswego and also looking for a decent and reputable 4x4 shop
  3. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    Yes Wager Gulch is on my list of trails but just not sure how suitable it is for a full size truck (assuming dry and no snow). But after reading some posts above I am also considering Rock Mt. National park as well too
  4. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    X2 great shot, thanks for sharing!
  5. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    Thanks for the replies, all good things to take note of. Don't plan on much physical exertion but certainly don't want to underestimate the altitude either. Certainly plan to get lots of pics and report back. I mentioned 'soon' but really won't be going until end of May. Just getting prepared at this point. Off subject a bit, but also looking to take in some of the local trails / backroads nearby. However I'm finding the hard part with this is finding trails that a stock truck can reasonably handle with out getting in over my head. Also thinking about heading down farther and out to Carson Ghost town via Wager Gulch trail. If anybody has done that would love to hear about the experience.
  6. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    Elevation where I'm at in IL is 477 ft. so it will definitely be a shock to the system at over 14,000. However trying to convince a 9 year old who has ADHD to not run around after a 15 hour road trip maybe a challenge. Just as long as nobody throws up in my truck ;)
  7. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this (moderator feel free to move if so) but planning a trip to CO and up Pikes Peak soon and had a few questions. Any reason to be concerned with engine / transmission overheating or other issues due to altitude? Also, is it safe to let engine do the braking in lower gears on the way down? With the 8 speed figuring 2nd or 3rd gear should be about right for descending.
  8. Or they pass it along to the consumer and we end up paying even more.
  9. So you bought a new vehicle with out a window sticker? How did you determine MSRP and factory options? According to the FCC, window sticker is required by law on a new vehicle and may only be removed by the purchaser. I'd go back ask (politely demand) that they provide this. Did you do a Car Fax on it? https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0209-buying-new-car
  10. 2019 GMC Sierra

    Also saw this post to watch live.
  11. 2019 GMC Sierra

    3:00 EST for those interested. Debut will be broadcast live on TFL You Tube channel. Hoping now that those of us who just purchased a new Sierra aren't wishing we waited, time will tell. https://www.tfltruck.com/2018/02/2019-gmc-sierra-1500-join-us-tflnow-live-debut/
  12. And to get the 6.2 you unfortunately have to get at least LTZ (or SLT in Sierra)
  13. Read through this post below, has just about everything you would want to know about what size tires everyone is running and if a front end lift / level is needed. There's several pages of posts, but very informative, and includes several pics. For me at least it was quite helpful with decision making on tires.
  14. Are the 2017's ok or is this something to look out for? Mine has a build date of February 2017, and by reading this thread, it sounds like the redesign parts may not have been in production yet?
  15. Try looking at Laura GMC outside of St. Louis, according to their website, they have 162 SLT Crew Cab's with 6.2 starting at $43k with an additional $1,000 discount if you use GM financing. That's where I got mine a few months back, smoothest transaction I ever had.

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