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  1. Full Audio System

    Got a bunch of car audio stuff for sale. Some of it I purchased in June 2013, and some of it I purchased in Nov. of this year. I had it installed in my truck, but took it all out before I sold it, with the intent of putting it in the new truck, but decided not to. So, now its all up for sale. 1. Factory refurbished JVC AM/FM/CD/DVD, satellite radio and Pandora ready, Bluetooth media player, and hands-free Bluetooth calling. Also accepts backup camera input. Comes with box, owners manual, all wiring and paperwork for warranty, and even has an installation kit for a 2003-2007 GM truck or SUV already installed. Retails for $325+ new. Installed day before Thanksgiving, and removed the week before Christmas. 2. Backup camera. Comes with all wiring to install, including a 15' A/V cable. Comes with box, instructions, and even a hole saw to cut the perfect size hole. Installed day before Thanksgiving, and removed the week before Christmas. 3. Kicker DX 250.1 amp. Mono channel amp ideal for pushing subs. Comes with power wire with inline fuse, ground wire, 1 set of RCA cables, and remote turn-on wire to run to the radio so it turns on and off with the radio. Installed since June of 2013 Still works flawlessly. 4. Two Rockford Fosgate 10" subwoofers, in factory sealed box. I ordered these subs in this box and they have never been taken out or tampered with. The subs work great, and have not really been pushed that hard. I have 2 kids that sit in the back seat, so most of the time these were just barely audible enough to add some richness to the sound, not bumping and thumping. However, they will hit pretty good if you are so inclined to try them. Installed since June of 2013. The box is a factory built box, carpeted, and built to fit behind the back seat of a 2003-2007 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra half ton Crew cab. It might fit an HD model, but I cant guarantee that. Box is still sealed and leak-free. No holes of any kind. MDF construction and professionally carpeted. Comes with everything shown, including an undetermined length of speaker wire, for $500 takes it all. Will ship on your dime.
  2. This isn't the one I found, but its close. You can at least see which wire it is. http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/76-speciality-forums/81-electrical/244591-reverse-wire-color-location-under-dash.html
  3. I ran a wire to the junction box near the driver kick panel. I think its a green one. Ide take a picture, but I actually sold the truck last week, so I will try to find the link to the site I found it on. On a related note, I have all my sound system stuff up for sale if anyone wants it.
  4. Well, I have a bead on the "new to me" truck I want, and I have to sell this one to get enough down payment to buy the new one, so here goes. 2007 Classic Silverado Z71 crew cab 5.3 V8 89K miles Rare factory 4.10 gear option Autotrac automatic transfer case New hubs last year Custom bumpers 3" body lift, 2" suspension lift Magnaflow muffler with 3" tailpipe and 4" stainless tip cold air intake custom performance tune by Blackbear Performance Good 33" all terrain tires with over half tread left. Just spent a ton of money having new pitman arm and idler arm, new Bilstein front shocks, new BDS steering stabilizer, and new JVC touch screen DVD/CD/MP3 stereo and backup camera installed. Also has a Kicker amp pushing dual Fosgate 10" subs behind the rear seat. All door speakers are also upgrades. Has twin 6" LED light bars installed in front bumper that come on with the high beams and twin LED flood lights installed in the rear bumper that come on with the reverse lights. Street legal window tint and a current inspection good until Dec. 2015. Comes with the camper shown. Comes with color matched camper shown.
  5. Got it all hooked up earlier this week. Still learning the new HU, but the backup camera is working very well. I will say that for $30, it was a pretty good product, so far.
  6. So does anyone know if its gonna make any difference to put new shocks on the rear with the add-a-leaf installed? I really don't want to spend the extra money if they aren't gonna help.
  7. Well, looks like the install kit and camera are coming in today, and the stereo is coming in on Monday. I was hoping it would all make it in by the weekend, but I guess I will have to find time to get it in sometime next week.
  8. Im debating on whether it will help the rear or not. I have some load assist shocks back there now, but I am also running an add-a-leaf for lift, so Im not certain if changing the shock is going to make a difference with that extra spring in there.
  9. Yeah, I didn't really care about or want the DVD function either, but those seem to be the only ones that have the backup camera function, because they are just about the only ones that have a screen capable of the job. I guess at some point it might be nice to run some screens to the back seats for the kids, but Im not gonna intentionally sit in the truck to watch a movie. I have better things to do.
  10. Ive got to adjust for a little more body roll than with the KYBs, but I think its a decent tradeoff to have the ride smoothed out like it has. The KYBs would handle like a sports car, even on 5" of total lift, but they rode like it was on block of wood. Even did a test on them last night while installing the Bilsteins. Pushed the Bilsteins down fairly easily and then tried to use my body weight to push the KYB down and liked to never got it to move. Already loving them, and Ive only put 10 miles on them
  11. Well, after suffering for so long, I finally broke down and ordered a pair of 5100s for the front. They came in yesterday and I threw them on after work, but didn't get to try them out until this morning on the way to work. All I can say is OMG!!!! Why didn't I do this sooner.?Im not gonna say it rides like a Caddy, but compared to what it did, its pretty darn close. The bumps that would normally pound the truck with a violent shock are now softened to the point that you wouldn't really even notice them if you didn't know they were there. Ide say its as comfortable a ride as the wife's 2014 VW Passat. Much, Much better than before. Ide say it might be Bilstein from now on with my trucks. I just need to figure out what to do with the shocks I took off. They are still in great shape, and only have about 20K miles on them, they are just too stiff for my half ton. Maybe if someone had a diesel or something they wouldn't be bad. If anyone knows of anyone that might be interested, I will cut them a huge deal on them. I don't really need them anymore, but I am the kind of person that I don't like seeing usable stuff go to waste.
  12. I got a JVC KW-V20 BT. It retails for $300 min., but I got a factory refurb for $229. Its more than I have ever spent on a HU, and it was really more than I wanted to spend this time, but I wanted the backup camera so I didn't really have a choice. Most everything I could find that was close to my budget had really crappy reviews, or didn't have Bluetooth hands-free calling. I already have an older JVC single DIN in the truck now that has all the options I wanted, except the camera, so I definitely didn't want to spend more money for less options. I was just lucky enough to find a factory refurb unit at such a big savings. Saved me enough money on the HU to pay for the rest of the install parts.
  13. Will do. I got everything ordered, and it looks like it will come in by this weekend, except for the installation kit. Aint that always the way. The most important part is the last one to come in.
  14. Yeah, I found some like that, but they were all over $250. Wasn't really looking to spend that much. That's exactly why I wanted it though. hooking up trailers, backing trailers, or even looking for small cars and small children behind my truck is kinda difficult because the tailgate sits so high and creates a huge blind spot. I guess I jumped the gun and didn't wait long enough for replies, but I found one on eBay that recesses into a flat surface, but also pivots in a ball socket so its adjustable. My plan is to drill into the trim ring on the tailgate handle and mount it there, like what you have and what the factory does. Its only $30 so if it works, its a great deal, and if it doesn't, well, I havent lost much. I thought it would be worth trying.
  15. Has anyone ever installed or had any experience with any of the aftermarket backup cameras that hook into an aftermarket stereo? I am looking at installing one in my truck, but Im not sure which ones to look at, which ones to stay away from, and which ones are a good deal or are junk. I have found them priced anywhere from $16 - $100+. Im working on a budget so I don't want to pay out the nose, but I don't want one that is gonna crap out on me in a month or so. I also don't want to make it too conspicuous so that any would-be thief would know that I have an expensive radio in the truck and attempt to steal it. Ive seen the kind that mount to the license plate, and also found some that mount in a hole drilled in the bumper. Im kinda leaning toward the later, but I don't know. If anyone has any input, please post it up.

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