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  1. yup it's a simple clamp job, I just chose to get it welded for my own preference.
  2. I'm still loving my Dynomax hybrid exhaust, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  3. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Ya it is a direct fit for the catback, you use the muffler and the supplied extension pipe from the kit.
  4. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Yah it sounds great, I love it. It might be a little too much when I get headers and high flow cats, but I'll just go to a 22" magnaflow or something if I need to.
  5. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Yah, go to youtube and search jnsaldana25 There are 3 videos up on there.
  6. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    It fit good, I have heard issues with the clamps leaking, so to prevent any issues I took it over to a exhaust shop to have all the seams welded ($40 is what they charged me). I'll be honest, I didn't use the intermediate pipe (personal preference), I used the factory one since they don't ever have issues of leaking.
  7. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    I run this exhaust on my truck: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N696RWP?m=A3T5F0AY60YFYJ&ref_=v_sp_detail_page I didn't use the muffler, and swapped in this Dynomax: http://www.dynomax.com/mufflers/ultra-flo-welded-mufflers/ultra-flotm-welded-centered-centered.html Sounds awesome, it's all stainless, and was cheap!
  8. a gear swap will make a huge difference, 4.10 is perfect for the 5.3 with 33s. I actually had 4.56s and 33s on my 07 5.3 Sierra, it drove and pulled great. Parts prices that you paid seem a little steep, but if you're happy, good deal. Randy's ring and pinion ( ringpinion.com ) can get you out the door around $600 for gears only.
  9. Where are you getting the 1/2" spacers? I have a pair of 1/4" spacers that I will be trying today. Hoping they eliminate my Sway bar rub, but if not my next try is 1/2"
  10. I'm running the 305/55r20 Nitto Ridge Grappler on my 2017 All Terrain that has the stamped steel UCA and factory 20s. I do rub on the sway bar during full lock. I've ordered a hubcentric 1/4" spacer to see if that alleviates the rubbing, I love my factory wheels, and really don't want to have to get new ones to stop the rubbing. Also just to add, I'm running a RC 2" leveling kit right now. I do have the additional strut spacer to make it a 2.5" leveling kit, as well as 2.5" rear block and U bolts, everything should be installed and aligned next week sometime.
  11. For the Mazzulla you would actually install the factory front bumper back on, the skid plate replaces the center plastic where the tow hooks are located at.
  12. Installed 305/55r20 Nitto Ridge Grappler last week, and they are rubbing on the front sway bar at full lock when parking. I'm thinking a 1/4" spacer should take car of most of my problem, but the only source I've found so far for hubcentric proper spacers are these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-2016-Chevy-GMC-Silverado-Escalade-Suburban-Tahoe-Sierra-1-4-Wheel-Spacers-/192167459894?hash=item2cbe12bc36:g:t~gAAOSwHHFY~ijW&vxp=mtr
  13. The problem is anything under 1.5" will most likely require you to trim your wheel studs.
  14. Any new updates on these coilovers? These are on my radar for later this year, when I plan to upgrade from my RC leveling kit.
  15. OP did you end up going with spacers? I'm looking into spacers right now since I really like the All Terrain package wheels I have.

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