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  1. For us 1911 dyed in the wool shooters, Glocks point to the sky. But there is a little part for the back of the grip that is sold, which I've read makes the effective grip angle like a 1911. I've taken half a dozen simulator shoot/no-shoot scenarios. The provided laser gun is a Glock. I always have trouble with any instinct shots. I really have to knuckle down and use the sights and concentrate on the unnatural grip angle. http://jerkingthetrigger.com/2011/01/01/review-grip-force-adapter-for-glocks/
  2. Well, I suppose a crew cab leather equipped Silverado is a big nut. But a Chevy Spark is only $13k base. That’s a modern Chevette imo. Pretty economical I’d say.
  3. Cars (and trucks) that make you laugh

    The "cool" mod for your VW van was to shorten it, back in the 70s. I rode in one once. The guy stopped quickly and it flipped on the nose, ended up on it's side in the street. That made me laugh back then.
  4. So, I bought a ford...

    I think it'll come out in the rub-out.
  5. Any gear case, differential, transmission, etc., gets a lot of metal in it compared to an engine.
  6. It's especially useful if you hook some high power driving lights to the circuit.
  7. The issue is the slow warmup of HID as compared to halogen or LED. It takes 10-30 seconds to get to full brightness. Sure, it will function, just not instant full power.
  8. HID in a separate high beam bulb is a problem because of the delay and warmup.
  9. On the Lots

    Should be some incentives and dealer wiggle room starting around now.
  10. Truck stolen!... Update!

    Nice truck. Can I borrow it?
  11. This old thread reminded me of an old friend, now gone. He was my airplane partner way back. He had an addiction to cars and trucks. From the time I met him to when he passed away, he had so many vehicles I can't recall all of them. Later in his life, it was new vehicles. At one point, his monthly nut was more than my house payment for a $360k house which I had just bought.
  12. You guys that are replacing the condenser yourself, did you verify the condenser was indeed leaking, with a pressure leakdown test? or find the spot it was weeping oil? Which brings up another point. You should add a couple ounces of PAG oil when replacing the condenser. Add another ounce if replacing hoses.
  13. ARB is all I've seen used by my friends with Jeeps. That said, here's a $130 twin piston, Chinese I'm sure. http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com/off-road-accessories/off-road-air-compressors/masterflow-superflow-mv-89-mf-1089-air-compressor-mv-89g.html
  14. Buy Back Option

    Seems to me, when Chevy bought my truck back, it was everything, including tax. It was zero out of pocket.
  15. Very nice! Does this unit have Android Auto/CarPlay?

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