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  1. If you have scheduled vehicle inspections, it’s really easy to install the stock halogen bulbs back and plug them in for the inspection and then reinstall the HID bulbs later. My recommendation is to use a dielectric grease to seal up the relays good. I had moisture intrusion in mine and had a few relays fail before I cured it. for high beams, I’d just add some pods (I like the Baja Designs S2 Pro) and put covers on them for the vehicle inspection. Wire the pods to the high beam using relays.
  2. I think I put a PF-63 on my 2014 last change. My concern with them is I believe they may not be a high mileage/synthetic media. I recall seeing some filters where the media was coming apart at moderate mileage, well under my intervals. I like the idea of going to the 57045xp for synthetic. (Running M1)
  3. The paint looks like a good post delivery mod. I wouldn’t avoid it if you like the rest of the truck.
  4. The Sierra and Silverado projectors do a very good job of controlling glare, bleed, artifacts, and cutoff. Their actual performance on controlling glare, bleed, artifacts, and cutoff is what matters. The posted picture above shows the beam performance. The pictures below is a 2014 Sierra projector next to a disassembled Lexus RX-350 HID projector. The design is very similar except for the bulb socket. The picture of the beam below shows no bleed above the cutoff. The HID kit into the factory halogen projectors (found on the higher trim Sierra/Silverado only) are not the same as putting a HID kit into a reflector housing.
  5. Here's an old pic of the factory halogen projector with a Morimoto HID kit installed. Plenty of distance projection of illumination on low beam. Good beam control and cutoff. I drove many long nights across the western U.S. with this setup. It's a huge improvement over the 2014-15 stock halogen bulb in the halogen projectors . I've recently installed the 2017 LED headlights which don't have quite the output that HID has, but they're very good as well. IMO, a good low beam is the most important part of the vehicle lighting. All the light bars and pods in the world aren't doing you any good when you're on a dark highway where there's just enough oncoming traffic to limit you to your low beams. That's most of the time for the driving I do.
  6. Either the upper or lower A-arm had to come loose at one end to get it out of there when I did it. I chose the upper A-arm, because I put Cognito A-arms on. A shop charged me $200 on a previous truck to put in Bilsteins. You'll need to get it aligned.
  7. The only halogen bulb improvements that I know of are the GM TSB upgrade bulb or installing the 9011 in place of the factory 9012. The 9011 is about 20% brighter. But it doesn't significantly improve the actual usable light by much. Stock halogen projector w/HID kit is more than decent. .
  8. I've been using simple green or generic similar cleaner on my engine. Good news is, it cleans grease well. Bad news is, it is a strong alkaline and causes corrosion on aluminum. So, I have this white powder freckling on all the aluminum. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about spray with vinegar, then rinsing with water, then spray with a neutralizing solution of baking soda and rinse.
  9. I think it's fuel injector, EGR, and Spark. Looks like rats. The "best way" would be to replace the harness. But that's cost prohibitive from my quick look into a new harness. Second option would be to find a good automotive electrical shop and have them splice all the damaged wires, assuming you don't want to do it yourself or don't have the skills.
  10. Should be plenty of clearance to a 20”. My 18” (stock offset) wheels were very close.
  11. Running E rated tires is fine. You can run them in the 40s and not trigger the warning. I forget where the warning set point is. You wouldn't run them at 80 even on a 1 ton truck unless you had a full load or towing a heavy trailer. I run my current E rated tires around 38-40. Skinnier tires might like a bit more. One good reason to run E rated tires is their resistance to puncture off-road. If you don't haul heavy loads or tow heavy trailers or need the puncture resistance off-road, you may just want to run LT C or D rated tires, which are something like 50 and 65 psi tires respectively.
  12. Ruger American Rifle

    I'm impressed with the OP's pic. That's a heck of a good group out of a hunting rifle. Even with handloads and tuning work on the gun. Sounds like Steve's daughter has a good one too. It's been a lot of years since I had a bolt gun at the bench. The last time was with a then new Winchester Pre-62 style claw extractor, that had a BOSS barrel tuning weight. That bore looked awful with a borescope or loop, but it shot some 5 shot groups around 1/4-3/8" regularly, with a little work on the gun and some handloads.
  13. You should use an plastic adhesion promoter. Make sure it’s compatible with the paint you chose. Your local chain auto parts store likely carries Duplicolor paints and they have a plastic adhesion promoter. Their paints are good quality. You might consider the effect of this mod on resale if that’s in the foreseeable future.
  14. What did you drive in High School?

    Classic! A "Batmobile" Look at those fins! My wife had a white one when we met. I drove it a bit. Pushbutton on the dash automatic trans.

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