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  1. New long range build

    Another mod that I'm a fan of on the 700 action is the striker safety mod. It ends up like a Win model 70 striker block safety. This takes all the BS out of the trigger safeties. I never liked trigger safeties. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/safety-parts/safeties/remington-700-three-position-safety-shroud-prod6668.aspx
  2. So....peeling off the tint or going to a lighter tint is off the table?
  3. New long range build

    I dunno on the trigger. I haven't bought a Timney since they only had one Rem 700 model. It seems they have a few more choices these days. If you have that Calvin Elite 2 stage, you probably have a trigger I'd be happy with. I don't have enough experience with 2 oz pull triggers to say I'd want one. But a trigger in the 8 oz -16 oz range would work for me for my level. As for trueing up the action, the biggest offender in the post 2000 year range I found was the face of the action was not square with the bolt axis. This seemed to be because Remington used a separate milling operation to cut the face, rather than just facing it in a lathe with the bolt bore axis aligned. Next was the threaded section not being true to the bolt bore axis. And finally, the lug recesses could use a clean cut while the bolt bore is aligned. Lap the bolt lugs in. And that's about the extent of my knowledge.
  4. New long range build

    Looks great. It's all about the barrel and action. Who's barrel and what action trueing? What trigger?
  5. I recommend moving to SD cards. No more skipping on rough roads, no more scratched disks, one chip can hold dozens of CDs, small size is convenient. I use them in my unmodified 2014 LTZ system.
  6. I believe LED are voltage range tolerant and output isn't affected much by voltage variation. But some of the electrical engineers we have may chime in with better info.
  7. I noticed my left DRL ring has an intermittent flicker. It does it only when the engine it running. It doesn't flicker all the time. But about half the time it flickers. Any help would be appreciated. Is this a capacitor issue or a headlight assembly issue? Wiring? I have the short jumper harnesses from the OP.
  8. Seems to be a prevalent concern on these gun forums. Rightfully so. But if you are really concerned about this issue with your kids, spend some of your gun money on class 2 wallboard instead of some more toys. It’s a simple solution and not all that much money. Regarding 410s, I’m a huge fan of them. I have many thousands invested in 410 shotguns. I mean like buy-a-new-car money. ... for bird hunting. I will be the first to say they are not a defensive cartridge. Can it be with slugs? Sure. Still not great. But birdshot is about as poor a defensive load as I can think of. On pump shotguns, how many of you are proficient with one? Like never short rack, natural pump after firing each time? How about under stress? Not many I bet. Certainly not me, and I have a few for hunting. Darn few that aren’t a combat competition, prolific clay or hunting shooter of pumps is likely to be proficient enough to fire multiple times with a pump at a lifethreat. Semiautomatic shotguns make more sense for the unpracticed or low practiced.
  9. What AR "style" 308 would you buy?

    I bought a Christensen. It weighs between 1 and 3 lbs less than others and has accuracy like one with a bull barrel. You should just buy what you really, really, really want. Otherwise you won’t be satisfied.
  10. To do or not to do??? Staggered....

    Off the topic, down a bunny hole, but Ed Roth was brought into the thread via Rat Fink....I have a friend that worked for Roth back in the day. He's still a bit odd guy...my friend.
  11. Front Hub Bearing issue

    When my hubs in my 99 1/2 went out at 115-130 k, I bought the OEMs. I get the impression that failed bearings in a sealed hub is not uncommon in the 100 k area, regardless of GM vehicle model.
  12. It's a simple job. Really not much more difficult than any other modern car. The diagonal brace is a couple bolts. Under the positive "cap/block" (red plastic doohickey) is a simple terminal. The plastic block snaps onto the battery top.
  13. On the way back from a quail hunt, the temperature of the cab was significantly warmer than the setting. I dialed it down to as low as it would go and it became comfy. I had noted my outside air temperature indication was stuck on 55f most of the day and that it was indicating 70f when it was more like 50 on the drive over the mountain pass, when the cab was warmer than the setting. Ive searched numerous threads for the answer. But I don’t see where people with the same problem posted their solution. Can a faulty OAT sensor mess up the inside cab temperature?
  14. While I really like my lights mounted behind the grill, I would give them up to keep the shutter system, if my truck had them.

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