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  1. It was starting to grow on me until I saw these pictures out real life, now I love it ! Especially in the new gray color, looks real nice with the new front end.
  2. It looks terrific on the white, I love it! Where did you end up finding it ?
  3. Real good question....With Ram discontinuing the regular cabs for 2019 it made me nervous Chevrolet might stop selling the consumer type regular cabs.....hopefully not !
  4. I will have to really consider that one next time !
  5. That is a great looking cover, for some reason I haven't heard of it before. Let us know how it does in the rain....I love the looks of it.
  6. I emailed gmpartsnow a couple of weeks ago and they said they weren't available yet...but the part number is good.
  7. I was reading somewhere a few months back that the rear bow tie is the same on both trucks, not sure on the front either.
  8. Thanks, you did good to spot that. I hadn’t seen that picture, sounds like it is really is going to happen ! I hope they make those side badges for you too, I saw a few of those on eBay a couple months back....but nothing lately.
  9. When you see a ones like this 2018 for $43,000....not even a Z71....makes you wonder if they aren't trying to kill off the regular cab by pricing them so high. https://www.hardychevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LT-Gainesville-GA/3028239683
  10. Thanks, yeah I believe it. If I wasn't so devoted to the regular cab, it would make a lot more sense to buy something else.
  11. They don't do you any favors on the regular cabs, they don't get any of the big money rebates like the others. If you buy a regular cab it's because you wanted a regular cab, they aren't the cheapest by a long shot.....My Dad bought a LT crew cab and paid less then I did for mine. Mine was $38,800 MSRP with just about every option you can order except 4WD....would have been $41,500 in 4WD.
  12. You got it, and it's not like they are cheap....GM is making a ton of money from them too, not sure why they don't seem to care about them anymore. To me they have always been the best looking and funniest to drive....not to mention the easiest to park and fit in a garage. That Cheyenne would have been a huge hit.....6.2 liter in a regular cab, they couldn't make enough !

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