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  1. First one I've seen online so far ! http://www.benmynattchevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LTZ_Z71-Concord-NC/3089852503
  2. I have to lean my seat back slightly, but not much. I reckon a lot of it would depend on how much brim you have....I usually get 4.5 crown and 4.0 brim. OR you could get the back slightly bent down more so it doesn't hit if you have more brim. Don't know where you are, but Standard Hat Works in Waco will set you up
  3. I ran into the deal where the people on eBay didn't have them also.....One guy did and one guy didn't.......they must have had a few because they both had real pictures of it. Maybe one or two and that was it. Hopefully as time goes on they will be out everywhere.
  4. Those are pretty sharp, they would really dress them up.
  5. Hey that sounds great, please take lots of pictures ! Thanks !
  6. I think there might be more to these trucks than we know. I wish I could find some pictures of the interiors from the Texas State Fair, but I haven't seen any. http://texasautoshow.bigtex.com/6-trucks-not-miss-texas-auto-show/ There is also a 100 year badge on the doors, a bedliner with the heritage bowtie emblem sprayed on and heritage bowtie emblems throughout the interior.
  7. Here you go ! No idea if this is a good price, I'd say not if I was guessing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHEVROLET-CENTENNIAL-EDITION-100-YEARS-EMBLEM-DRIVER-SIDE-FRONT-DOOR-/282683985311?hash=item41d1474d9f:g:QWQAAOSw~ZBZ19P7&vxp=mtr Manufacturer Part Number: 84249658
  8. You're welcome ! Seems like a good place, they emailed me the next day to say it was on back order and make sure I wanted to leave the order and wait.
  9. Best I found was GMpartsnow.com...they are dealer in Michigan so I'm sure they are reliable. I got front and back for 112.96 total with shipping.....I used the 10% off coupon on the top of the page too. https://www.gmpartsnow.com They are on back order, but I'm sure they will be out pretty soon and I'm not sure I'll find a better deal.
  10. They have little clips on the back that snap into holes in the grill....there are a coupe of ways to change it, neither is really too hard. Check YouTube and you will find videos that show the different ways of changing it.....(one with taking the center section out, one with doing it from under the truck, and one from reaching behind the bowtie with everything in place)
  11. I can see why you would think it was for both of them....That is more than list price. I will be glad when people have them for a reasonable price.....I'll get them immediately !
  12. I was just hoping someone would have it for sale that doesn't want to completely rip people off. All the parts places have it for about $45.00.....not in stock, but still that is a terrible price.
  13. I'm only seeing $90 for one....did those other auctions sell out ?
  14. Does your parts manager have a chrome grill or painted ? I was just curious to see one on a chrome grill.....I think it would look just as good though.

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