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  1. I'd love to see some more pictures of the blue double cab that was at the introduction, if anyone sees any please post a link. Thanks !
  2. Boy that would tick me off.....I would have to call every person I could get ahold of at Chevrolet to fix that ! I told my wife if I ever bought one of those trucks they would have to give me a extra set before I'd buy it, never hurts to have a spare of something so hard to get. Of all the extra things I have added to mine, these are my favorite.
  3. That's what I keep hearing too, I wonder if they issue them as a accessory package if the part numbers would change.
  4. Anyone ever hear about the accessory package they were suppose to release with these bowties ? I saw that a couple of places and haven't heard anything else about it.
  5. That is one good looking truck ! If they offered this package with the regular cab I just might be tempted Shame they are honoring the heritage and didn't make it at least available on the regular cab.
  6. Thanks for the info, I do love these things having a spare would not be a bad idea. When you see one in person they are going to blow you away, they look even better than in the pictures.
  7. Hey that's great news, I'm glad to hear it ! Was GMpartscenter.net where you ordered them from ?
  8. I got one of them from a parts department (they only got 2)....and I lucked into one on eBay. Seems like once they started limiting them to the VIN specific trucks it got pretty impossible to find. Hopefully that accessory part will be out shortly and they'll be easier to get, I'd like to have one just for display. My Dad said they look like jewels....and he's right, they look special.
  9. I was finally able to get some and get them put on ! Thanks for posting those part numbers in this thread.....I think they look great on the blue.
  10. I sure like the look of that sport bar, I wish they offered chrome too ! Or maybe a chrome/black combo...chrome bars and black side panel.
  11. That is a lot of money to not get everything you can get......dealers do some strange ordering sometimes.
  12. Good catch ! Shame they couldn't have made it the same throwback logo too.
  13. I'm not completely sure as I have never priced out a LTZ, but I know this one is $55,000 and a lot of them are $61,000 or so....maybe it doesn't have that option ?
  14. First one I've seen online so far ! http://www.benmynattchevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LTZ_Z71-Concord-NC/3089852503
  15. I have to lean my seat back slightly, but not much. I reckon a lot of it would depend on how much brim you have....I usually get 4.5 crown and 4.0 brim. OR you could get the back slightly bent down more so it doesn't hit if you have more brim. Don't know where you are, but Standard Hat Works in Waco will set you up

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