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  1. Man, that is frustrating. I will see if my dealer will fix it before winter gets here and fixes the headlight issue. Wondering if it gets warped in places with more extreme climates.
  2. Maybe get this replaced at the same time as TSBing my headlight issue.
  3. Anyone else has had this happen to them? Feel like my dealer is starting to hate me.
  4. Lots of info on different types of HID's but the overall consensus points to Morimoto. Is there a set and a place to purchase them from that is as close as plug-in-play as possible? I am going to do a rigid D2 fog and I am hoping for 5500k bulbs for low beam. Just want to make sure I can get a clean install along with water proofed items (dust caps). Any recommendations?
  5. For sure, at the end of the day, do what your heart tells you.
  6. Same here! Cognito UCA and Fox 2.0, want the same height as my leveling kit.
  7. So 17k for a military poser SLE? F ME
  8. Has anyone recently ordered this setup? Looking out to change my spacer for fox 2.0 but want the same height. The only issue about height was from the first gen not the updated one?
  9. That took a while to read on those 6112 for GM. Looks like it could be vaporware. If not, sign me up and get these rachos off my rig!
  10. Do we have any idea when they will release those?

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