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  1. i just had michelins 35x12.50 installed with front raised 2.5 inches clears fine no rubbing
  2. i live in ky as well and i had to go to indiana to buy mine, thousands less then in my area
  3. i have the hard hat tri fold i really like and its made in usa
  4. sounds good, is the diff spacers a big job to install?
  5. I had one several years ago had a lot of fun with it,whenever I pulled up at red light and beside or behind someone with one of those vibrateing stereos I would let er go, they would turn it off
  6. I want to run 295 65 20 on factory wheels on my 16 2500 ext cab the specs on the tires say their 35.1 in diameter and 9.2 tread width, Michelin ltx I really don't want to lift it hope levling will work
  7. i have the carpeted liners in mine i just pulled my tail lights to put led bulbs in and there was all kinds of sand and mud in mine i have about 2600 miles on it so far
  8. if its clamped on spray some pb blaster on it and let sat for an hour then try to remove it
  9. i may go that route if i cant find power foldeing
  10. for power folding tow mirrors and harnesses local dealer cant tell me whice ones whice, I have a 2016 ltz any help would be grately appreaciated thanks
  11. 1 got a 16 in oct and it was $10k off sticker
  12. use mine last night for the first time and its awesome!

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