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  1. FS: 4.10 Yukon gears for GM 8.5

    bump willing to share in shipping costs
  2. FS: 4.10 Yukon gears for GM 8.5

    Bump Nobody wants these??? Pretty much a steal.
  3. FS: 4.10 Yukon gears for GM 8.5

    not really for a certain year, they are for those with the 8.5 axles. However, I know for a fact they will fit GMT900s (08-2013) since that's what I had ETA: As the other poster said they allow you to run bigger wheels/tires without your transmission hating you, but they will also allow you to tow easier as well. So if you tow a lot these would help with wear and tear/efficiency.
  4. its not a silicone gasket, it was a black flimsy foam piece, which can be rendered ineffective quickly if it shifts or gets folded.
  5. NIB Yukon gears for a 4x4 truck. Kit includes the front and rear gears, install kit, TruTrac diff lock, AND a MagHytec rear diff reservoir cover. $1,100 for EVERYTHING This entire kit is close to $2000 retail Located in the New Orleans area I can ship, but it wont be cheap as these items are heavy but if you're willing to pay for it, I'm willing to ship it. Paypal only
  6. Did you make sure the gasket was seated correctly when you reinstalled it? Sometimes it gets folded or shifts a bit.
  7. DVD/BluRay? is it unlocked to play while driving? Also how are the maps updated? Do you have some free years worth of updatyes or do you have to pay for the firmware upgrade? And is it wired up for rear LCD support or do I need a kit for that?
  8. Its definitely not the ball joints, I changed my control arms and ball joints today and I recorded that video immediately following. Not sure what springs it would be? Mine started soon after I put my lift kit on about 8 months ago or so.
  9. Does it sound like this: BC thats what my truck has been doing and I dont havea clue. Changed out both the upper and lower ball joints already and greased everything.
  10. Thts as tight as I could get them, I honestly felt that if I pulled them any more that they would rip, which they actually did on the back seats in one spot. I guess maybe if I used some glue or something during the install it might've helped? But they arent really that bad, once I put the backings back on they tightened up a little more.
  11. I highly recommend putting the headrests back in. They are there to help prevent whiplash injuries in the event you should get rear-ended. If this happens, you will wish they were there. http://www.necksolutions.com/whiplash-neck-injury.html I really like the look of your two-tone covers. I thought long and hard about going this route before I did mine http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?...leather+install In the end, I went with all black, but with contrasting stitching. I agree with your assessment - glad I chose to do this myself. I saved quite a few bucks, and spent some quality time in the garage. Definitely didn't know that...I had actually though how much it would suck to try hit without the head rests there...maybe ill put em back in, but I don't drive my truck much. Thanks for the heads up though.
  12. Yeah, mine were completely reusable, but I trashed em.
  13. Thanks...its cool until you forget there's no headrest and put your head back to nothingness

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