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  1. Nothing, follow your normal service schedule from your owners manual & drive it!
  2. Body lines look a lot like a Tahoe.
  3. Wowser, what a negative Nelly. Tyler, maybe attempt being positive during your future posts, it would make the world a better place.
  4. 15H is correct. I bought a new 15 in Feb 16, same as you. You have 4 free oil changes up to 2yrs or 25k miles.
  5. Oh no! You have the dreaded Chevy lean, on a GMC.
  6. I use mine for entry & exit, gets me off the seat without dragging.
  7. GM is already lagging in sales behind Ford, these type of issues will only help the competition.
  8. Any photos of the new color Havana Metallic?
  9. I guess you didn't tell the dealer you were dialing Darth Vader?
  10. I ordered mine on Amazon, was under $50 bucks. I have the cocoa dune interior.
  11. Mine actually did it for the first 5-7k miles, after that smooth as glass.
  12. I'd steer clear of the 14s & early 15s.

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