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  1. anyone with part numbers for all of the above I would appreciate it Thank You
  2. Hello everyone I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 2 Wheel Drive SL 4.8L V8 Extended Cab Truck Here in Ontario, Canada and looks like I have a fuel leak because its smells like gas crazy and its leaking where the Cab and Box meet in the middle, now I'm not sure if its a line or the top of the fuel tank not sure, its getting looked at, but I want to confirm the OEM GM Part Numbers for the complete Fuel Line System from the tank to the front of the motor and, the OEM GM Fuel Punp Part Number and Fuel Filter OEM Part Number because I might as well do all of it, if anyone can be so kind as to all the part numbers I would appreciate it Thanks
  3. yea ill stick with 255/70R16 then speedo is still correct with this size
  4. ok so to be safe and have a correct speedo I should stick to 255/70R16 then?
  5. what happened SouthernSilveradoGuy85? wrong answer posted?
  6. Hey guys my Truck is a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 2 Wheel Drive SL Extended Cab Short Box made here in Oshawa, Ontario anyways my sticker on the door says its stock size is 235/75R16 now I read here on Costco.ca and my dealer website I can go as big as 265/75R16 is this true and I should not have any rubbing and speedometer issues ? please confirm thanks guys
  7. hey guys I appreciate all the help I have had from you guys now I need some more help does any one have a .pdf of a TSB or just a text of a TSB for the Fuel Gauge not showing the correct amount of fuel and showing low fuel in the message center? thanks guys also if there is also one for the EBCM my ABS and Parking Brake lights go on sometimes and reset when I turn the truck off with the key if there is any TSBs please let me know thanks guys and gals
  8. guys just a thought could this be happening to me because I changed my tire size from my stock P235/75R16/XL 109T to 255/70R16 111T ? I bought my tires from Costco http://tires2.costco.ca/SearchResults.aspx?SearchID=9302e68a-13e4-46e1-98de-e090067ec67d
  9. I'm in Ontario Canada I oil spray the truck every year we'll see I guess
  10. my truck is rust proofed under-coated oil spray every year should be easy to get off?
  11. Heys guys short and sweet my 2001 Sierra Started showing the ABS and Parking Brake lights on the dash simultaneously once you turn off truck with key and turn it back on they are gone but I went to go scan for codes here is what I got is this the EBCM that is doing this? Here is the screen shot take a look and let me know Thanks guys
  12. does this link help? http://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=372929&ukey_make=1026&ukey_model=14595&modelYear=2001&ukey_category=19546 http://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/
  13. does anyone have a detailed diagram of my truck for the rear leaf springs rear area in general that way I can see if there are any rubbers missing? Thanks guys

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