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  1. Drawing time for some really cool stuff

    I'm in!
  2. Chit chat

    Yea I understand it the same way, I think if the county line is within 50 miles of the city or something like that. At least they don't inspect diesels and 3/4 ton and above gas, I never found those friends you speak of either.
  3. Chit chat

    Yea I agree I wish we could buy something and not mess with the tag office till it's actually being driven, one of my reasons for moving to Savannah is not having to worry about Emissions anymore, much easier to run whatever motor you want without having to worry about that crap. The only time I miss it is when you get stuck behind the Ford Econoline that's running really rich on these two lane roads. Ends rant
  4. Chit chat

    If I remember correctly I was able to register a junker in the past because I had storage insurance on it, I had to fill out a form stating the vehicle was inop and couldn't get emissions. I don't remember if there was a length of time to get it road worthy or not though. This was all in the metro area, Cobb, Paulding, and Gwinnett
  5. Chit chat

    As a fellow resident of Georgia I'm going to give you my experience with the new tax law. I bought a 98 bmw recently and the tag office valued it at 4500, I had only paid 1900 since the trans was slipping. I told the clerk that the value was wrong and she gave me some information on how to dispute their valuation. I still had to pay the tax so I could get a tag but she told me I may get a refund if they agreed with me so I Scheduled an appointment at the courthouse and the guy came out and took pics of the car and made notes of what I told him about the condition. They changed the value to what I paid and I got a check of $150 for the difference in value. I know it's a bit of a runaround but you can dispute their stupid assessment, they just won't tell you that unless you ask.

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