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  1. tech2win

    Ahh, right .... I had delcotds in my head as I was typing. My bad.
  2. tech2win

    You hook the J-box between a laptop computer and the vehicle. Get on the site, pay the fee, and choose what module you're updating and go from there. I have zero experience with a Tech 2, so can't help you there.
  3. Brake lights

    Check the fuses - the CHMSL & both brake lamps run on separate fuses If I remember right. Could have a blown fuse. If anyone got in the truck and hit the brake while the wires were dangling, I'd bet on it. If that checks out, you'll need to make sure it's wired correctly. Another possibility is that they're chinese LED units - seen many of these dead on arrival ...
  4. Brake Fluid

    That's the factory fluid. Get that crap out of there - it's 10 years old!
  5. Leveling kit issue

    2017? WARRANTY. End of story. Whoever installed the kit needs to fix it.
  6. Gordon, here's a couple pics of a new spider assembly, going into a '96 Tahoe, 5.7L - you can see where it gets it's name from, with its 8 "legs" : Dave, if you're going back in there, press down on each injector electrical connection - one or more may not be fully seated.
  7. Usually with multiple codes it's a wiring issue. Check wiring connectors, and areas of heat & vibration. Since the trans was recently swapped, look around the tranny/block mating surface for any wires pinched in between. "Circuit low" suggests a short to ground, open in the signal wire, or a PCM problem.
  8. 2003 silverado 4.3 hurricane problems

    Some good troubleshooting steps here: http://easyautodiagnostics.com/gm/4.3L-5.0L-5.7L/ignition-misfire-diagnostic-tests-1
  9. 2014 front axle

    I wouldn't - not only will you lose preload on the hub bearing, but all kinds of dirt and crap will get inside the differential side.
  10. 2003 silverado 4.3 hurricane problems

    Try cranking it in clear flood mode (pedal to the floor) - this will kill the injectors so as to not compound the issue, since it sounds like it's flooded. If that doesn't get her running, remove all the plugs, disconnect the ignitor to kill spark, & crank it over. That'll clear out any excess fuel. There is a slight possibility that the engine sucked water in from the exhaust, depending on how far up the tailpipe the water went. It's a stretch, but it's possible. Make sure the distributor was installed correctly - you may be 180° off, with spark occurring on the overlap stroke instead of the compression stroke. This is where my relic tools come in handy - a timing light. Also make sure all the salt water is out of the o2 sensor connectors - they will turn green and corrode pretty quick.
  11. Sounds like you've got a dead miss. I would make sure that spider has all 8 "legs" working - one, or a couple might be dead. Remember, new means Never Ever Worked. I would get in there again and make sure everything is good - no pinched wires, or unplugged injectors. Before you do that though, verify that you have spark to the affected cylinder(s).
  12. Envoy Denali Left Front TPMS issue

    10-4 ... keep us posted.
  13. Chit chat

    I finally pulled the trigger on a tool that I've been dreaming about for 30+ years. I got an email the other day from Greg Smith Equipment about a Flash Sale on a certain model 2-post lift. Well, that just happened to be exactly what I was looking for, only with 1k lbs. MORE capacity! Couldn't wait for my addition to be finished - went and grabbed it yesterday, since the sale ends today. 10k lb. capacity - that'll handle a dually diesel with a load of pea gravel in the bed! More than enough for me. I saved $450 over waiting until the addition is finished. Was a no-brainer. Sucks she's gotta live outside for a bit though - everything is packed to capacity since I tore the old addition down. Snapped a pic with my crappy phone of the showroom too: After this 140 mile round trip, the monitors STILL haven't run in the Silverado ...
  14. Envoy Denali Left Front TPMS issue

    I'm just guessing here - I can't know what that dealer actually did - I can only speculate, given some dealership history (they're not all bad, but it seems a large majority are). They could have just left the damaged sensor in place, and told you they replaced it, without ever having touched it. It could be cracked and working intermittently. Again, all just speculation on my part. I'd call GM corporate and tell them what is happening - they should get things rolling in the right direction ... HOPEFULLY.
  15. Mechanic

    Any bi-directional scan tool can do this - doesn't have to be a Tech 2.

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