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  1. In that second to last pic, the coolant reservoir looks filled to the brim. Wonder what they've changed this time? Where is the coolant supposed to go if it overheats? I highly doubt they designed it to just pee out like the old cars did, in this maniacal "environment trumps all" world ... Curious!
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Yeah, brake fluid loves moisture, just like the ethanol they dump in our fuel. Unfortunately, the lowest point where that water settles out eventually is in the calipers. I did mine a couple years ago in the '07, along with the coolant (both 9 years old). My Grand Marquis it turns out I had completely forgotten to flush the brake fluid on! One the 1st world problems of owning multiple vehicles. It was in there when we bought it 12 years prior - could've been OE (like the 29 year old fuel filter was! ), which would put it at 28 years at the time. I had a front caliper dragging on my wife while she was out and about - she came back with it smoking. I flushed the fluid, and worked the piston back and forth several times, and it's been fine since. Try that on any 21st Century vehicle. My '00 Jimmy rears were hopelessly seized at 110k miles, and 8 years. The Marquis still has the OE calipers - 31 years, 250k miles.
  3. My whole life I've dreamt of going there. I used to read about that place in Dirtwheels Magazine in the day as a kid. What kills me is, I was just a couple hours from the place from '99-'01, and never made it there. At the time, I couldn't afford an off-road machine, so I didn't want to torture myself. Some day I'll get there. Only been dreaming of it for nearly 4 decades ...
  4. It could be just the tire tread - hard to say over the net. If it is indeed ABS activation, it's probably because a tire is turning just a bit slower than the rest ... and with a skewed sensor reading, it falls below the computer's threshold for activation.
  5. I recognized the yellow paint, and looked to be the right height. "Safety yellow", no other color like it. About the only thing that can move those is a fully loaded tractor-trailer.
  6. YIKES Tom! Looks like it met a concrete-filled parking lot post ... You can bet on an increase. Insurance companies aren't in the business of handing out free money - there is always a cost involved. But, you got a Class-A BARGAIN at $700!! When I backed into a little sapling at 3mph with my truck, it cost me $2,200, with me doing all the disassembly work! Had to go on the frame machine to get the box straight again. Beer can strong ...
  7. 2017 Rear Spring Racket

    Can't say I'm shocked ... Thanks for the update. Hope they resolve this one!
  8. Of course they did ... because I just bought a brand new set of DM-V2's last year. Anyway, nothing better than dedicated snows. I was sold after I bought my first set of DM-V1's for the OE 18" wheels on my '07 Silverado. One October we got a freak 2'+ snowstorm that knocked out power for over a week in my area. That night, I happened to be in the city visiting my buddy in ICU after a post-surgery infection nearly killed him. Storm started around 7pm - I left the hospital around 1:30am. There was at least a foot of unplowed snow on the road. Truck was going fine thought it all. Couldn't really tell one way or the other at that moment whether they were better than the OE Dueler A/Ts. Then, I came up on a guy doing 10 mph (literally), in the left lane. Went to pass him on the right, when I noticed this idiot in a s10 Blazer going full bore up the right lane in my side mirror (no tire tracks whatsoever in that lane). He nearly hit my truck - saw him at least 1" away from my rear quarter in the mirror. Now he's hanging there - won't pass, and won't slow down - and I can't get around the 10mph guy in front of me. City driving for ya - we're the only 3 vehicles on the road too! I started to get impatient ... and this guy behind me wouldn't give up an inch, so when I finally got that inch, I took it. I cut right in front of him, hit the throttle and started going 40mph through the unplowed snow, with this clown right on my bumper (he finally got brave after having someone to follow). After about 5 miles, I was getting a little irritated at this guy being 1' off my bumper, so now I found myself doing 60. Dumb, given the conditions. Guy backed off a bit, but was still at least a car length off my bumper. Thankfully the light was green, and we blew through, around a corner, and down a slight hill. Now I notice what I thought was the guy high-beaming me in my rearview! Looked in the mirror thinking I'm about to get into a road rage incident .... and I see that Blazer fishtailing down the road! He careened across the entire road and cranked the curb on the opposite side - could see his truck shake and hop violently from the impact- then the same as he careened back to our side of the road, and cranked that curb! At that moment I looked down to see I was going 50 mph! My truck was ROCK SOLID, sticking to the road like glue! I had no idea we were on a glare sheet of ice!! By the time I decided to slow down, I came up on an S-turn -normally not a big deal at the speed limit, but I was way over that. Truck started pushing hard - thought I was going to jump the curb, but I just let off the gas slowly, didn't touch the brake, and she straightened right out! Next corner came, and I did the same. Made it through the S, and started accelerating back up to 40 up the hill. That guy was nowhere in sight. After that, I put dedicated snow tires on my wife's winter car, and recommend them to everyone I talk to. If I had cheaped out and kept my worn, OE tires, I probably would've totaled my truck, then ended up in the slammer for road rage! Blizzaks saved my ass - TWICE in one night!
  9. I was paying $230 a month for insurance on a '88 GMC s15 in 1990 ... 16 years old, and already had an accident under my belt - totaled my neighbor's '78 Chevy Luv pickup. Folded it in half after I pulled out in front of a '85 Caprice doing 45 MPH.
  10. Park brake

    I just adjust them until there's a very slight drag, then go up the road at about 40 and apply the brake a few times for a couple seconds at a time. Seems to work pretty good.
  11. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Glad to see a good dealership experience. It's been YEARS since I've read of one!
  12. Park brake

    Ahh, I assumed you'd already done that, since you were in there. Guess it's true what they say about assumptions ... Glad you got it straightened out.
  13. I handle the finances, so, me too. We have ZERO desire to go into debt for something that will be a pile of scrap in 12 years. Only "new" vehicle you'll see in this garage from here on out will be built before 1973. This summer, I'm planning on buying a paramotor. Finances are a little tight after my shop construction (which still isn't done yet), so it might be next year. That'll be my "other" car. No registration, no license, no insurance - absolute freedom. The last vestige in this country today.
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    HAHAHA! Those little bastards get into everywhere. One time I poked a nest that was in an outboard boat motor - momma mouse comes flying out with 8 newborn babies hanging off her back! Was a riot - I'll try and post the vid - not sure if it'll work or not .. 0510171637.3g2 You might have to do the old school tape measure & string alignment ... Tire stores are why I own a tire machine and balancer - had so many screwups by those guys, I'd had enough. Best thing I ever did.
  15. Lucky for me (and my finances ...), my wife loves older vehicles as much, if not more, than I do. If I bought her something new, she'd kill me. Whenever I want to get her going, I say I'm thinking of selling the '86 Grand Marquis.

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