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    2014 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab 6.2L w/ 6.5' Bed
  1. This is more than likely not the issue that is stopping your vehicle from being delivered.
  2. I am a GM employee and I can tell you that the surveys that are turned in are actually reviewed and changes are made based on the surveys. PS The surveys for the dealerships do nothing for the vehicle itself and is only representative of your experience that the dealership can control.
  3. Mine was supposed to come with one, but dealer did not receive it in time for delivery. They are supposed to call me when it arrives.
  4. They credited the cost and it was only added because it was part of a package so not the end of the world. They offered to try to reorder, but found that they couldn't order the window anyway.
  5. JDG24 2014 Build thread

    That is a great looking truck man.
  6. This has yet to happen on my new truck, but it would happen on my 2009 and 2012. I would go to the car wash when it was cold outside and on the way home the park assist would shut off. Give it a little time and it will come back. I think that this is caused by moisture freezing around them or in them even though there is nothing necessarily visible on the outside.
  7. OK, maybe this is a stupid question, but what are winter wiper blades. I know that there are winter replacements for the wire frame ones, but the 2014s have single piece rubber blades. I live in MI and have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. My tailgate is high on the driver's side by 1.75-2mm. The passenger side is flush. My driver's side rear door is also outboard at the very bottom rear where it meets the rocker by about 1.5mm. This one bothers me way more.
  9. I ordered my 2014 Sierra Crew Cab the second week in Oct. and it was built the second week of Nov. It was finally delivered on the 19th of Dec and my sliding rear window had been removed from the build sheet. Kind of a bummer
  10. It is given a VIN as soon as the body moves from Paint to Assembly
  11. I did work with a guy that used nitrogen in his racecar so that he could better predict tire pressure in extreme condition
  12. I had a friend that ran his truck into a huge "puddle" while driving on the dunes. The truck ended up in about 5 feet of water. When he tore the engine down several of the pistons turned out to be in pieces and many other components were bent and torn up. If it took in water you might be SOL. If it didn't, good luck. If the truck wasn't running when submerged you still might have water in the combustion chamber. This will be a problem since air compresses, but liquids don't (for average applications).
  13. OK this Nitrogen thing drives me insane. When I was working at a service station in High School (5 years ago) I always got asked about Nitrogen in customer's tires. I would like to point out that air at see level is approximately 80% Nitrogen already. The additional 20% is the essentially made up of CO2 and O2 and Ar with a few other trace elements and contaminants. Running ~100% Nitrogen does only one thing, it makes the tire less susceptible to temperature changes. In a normal tire, you will see that as you drive the tires warm and the air in the tire expands causing a increase in tire pressure. Nitrogen however does not react as violently to small temperature changes. This means that common driving will not result in temperature fluctuations. Even from summer to winter the pressure change will be much less drastic than atmospheric air. The part that bothers me is that people that hold jobs where people trust and listen to them (dealerships) tell people that the molecules are larger and that this prevents leaks. The size of a molecule is unimaginably small and makes no difference when a tire has a slight leak. By these peoples logic if you had a leak then all of the "non-Nitrogen" components of the air in your tires would leak out and then you would have all Nitrogen in your tires any way and they would never go flat they would only lose 20% of there overall volume since atmospheric air is 80% Nitrogen.

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