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  1. Same here! My idiot gauge is about +20 degrees.
  2. Time slots are in and the location is determined! I asked for the last one on either Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Will do! Hopefully I can get a slot on Sunday or after work on Monday. I am still waiting for the time slots and the place to be announced.
  4. I have read so many good things about Justin and Jenna and the Blackbear in person tune that as soon as I saw he was planning a Pittsburgh trip I sent in my deposit. Gladly he has confirmed his trip and I can't wait to get my tune the end of this month! Hopefully I will get to meet some other GM-Trucks.com members while I am there!
  5. After the warning it still starts like nothing is wrong... I did check the voltage via the idiot gauge and it was on the low side of the white.
  6. 3 times now after sitting for approx. 5 minutes with the engine off and the radio on I have gotten the message on my cluster saying "low voltage please start vehicle". I am not sure what is going on here because we had several nights in the minus teens this winter and my truck has always cranked fast and started easily. Certainly the touch screen and the radio can't draw the battery down that fast!
  7. Mine seems to be very slow to recognize the true outside ambient temp too. I am going to have the dealer look at it this spring.
  8. Correct! The difference between the 1500HD and the 2500 was the 1500HD was only available in the crewcab.
  9. My OnStar has expired and I am not willing to pay their huge fees just so I can start my truck from further than 100-200 feet.
  10. I think my `13 Avalanche has a 31 gallon tank. I have the 6-speed auto tranny and 3.42 gears. It is 4wd. If I am doing a lot of non-stop driving between 55-65 MPH the computer says I will get approx. 600 miles per tank. If I am in town with short trips it is under 350 miles per tank.
  11. A bug deflector or window vent visors will cause this problem too.
  12. My LTZ with the speaker in the middle of the dash makes some rattles on days when the sun shines on the dash. The reason appears to be the dash gets flexible and starts to vibrate (sometimes violently). It will be going back to the dealer because it is so easy to see.
  13. When conditions are bad use 4WD. When they are just questionable use AUTO. In Auto you won't bind the driveline going around sharp turns in town if they aren't super slippery.
  14. My Avalanche has the auto leveling air suspension in the rear. It is nice when towing or when fully loaded because you never have to worry about your headlights blinding oncoming traffic. It would be a nice option on the pickups!

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