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  1. AutoCal from Blackbear

    OK, I would really like to sell this unit, as I have traded my truck in and no longer have use for it. Dropping the price to $200. Thanks.
  2. AutoCal from Blackbear

    It has never been connected to any vehicle, and I bought it new from Blackbear.
  3. AutoCal from Blackbear

    I recently traded in my 2009 GMC Sierra 1500. I have an AutoCal from Blackbear Performance. It has never used or ever been out of the box. I would like to get $250 shipped for it. Please refer to this link to see what vehicles it will support: http://www.blackbearperformance.com/autocal.asp. Thanks for looking.
  4. OGM1 for sale

    Unit is sold, thanks for you interest.
  5. OGM1 for sale

    OK guys, here is the stereo everyone wants, the Advent OGM1, complete with DVD, NAV and backup camera. I had it installed in my 2009 GMC Sierra, and recently traded that truck for another brand. Everything worked great in it. It is just over a year old. This is the plug and play model and it is hard to distinguish it from the stock NAV system. IMO, this one sounds better than the stock radio, as it has a 9 band EQ. I paid quite a bit more than this for it, but the first $900 takes it (shipping included in the lower 48 states). I will accept Paypal. Let me know.
  6. Yea, I do remember having one of those reel lights under the hood of my 1990 Chevy. Real shame there are no stock lights under the hood now. Looks like a great idea.
  7. Truck is an 09, and twice I have left the radio on (accessory) while detailing the inside for maybe 30-45 minutes. OEM battery is as dead as a door nail This is twice this has happened to me. On the charger now. I figured I would get at least 5 years out of this battery, guess not.
  8. Just did the latest Bluetooth update for the OGM1 (I know, I am late for the party). Bluetooth music now streams to my OGM1 from my iPhone. One thing I am disappointed about is that it doesn't display the song information on the screen. I didn't expect album art to Bluetooth over, but my Kenwood stereo in my little Honda will do this with the same iPhone. Did I miss a step somewhere, or isn't this option possible on the OGM1. Please say that it is possible to do this. Thanks.
  9. I upgraded my iPhone 4s to iOS 6 and I am not having any issues with Bluetooth or Pandora with the OGM1. BTW, you can download YouTube through the AppStore if you want it back. I do agree that Google maps are better than Apple Maps though. It does suck that they took video out of the lightening adaptor. Wouldn't you consider that a step backwards?
  10. Got the radio installed 6 weeks ago, then broke my ankle in a motorcycle accident, which obviously sidelined me for a while. Bought my brother dinner and he ran the wires for the backup camera a couple of evenings ago. Took me a little while to determine where the power block that Walt described in his directions was. Once that was done, it is all working, and it is nothing short of amazing. The backup camera was a pain to install, but worth it. It even has a great picture at night. Watching DVD's on this thing is great. Remember it is a stereo, so any movie such as Ironman with a great soundtrack is nothing short of amazing! I had let my XM radio subscription expire, but I might pick it back up now with new and very improved interface, and the deal they are offering me to come back. Was it cheap, no, was it worth it, I think so!
  11. Even though I can't have any on this truck, but there are never enough Dale Earnhardt stickers!
  12. Well, how was the install, and how do you like it? Did you get the backup camera as well? Mine is on the way this week.
  13. I have been researching this unit for many months now. I don't spend that kind of money without thorough researching the item. I know how well this unit integrates into my factory stuff, XM, OnStar, steering wheel controls, etc. When I saw Walt's video on how Advent integrated Pandora into the OGM1, that was enough to send me over the edge. I called Walt. We spoke for about an hour. He was telling me about all of the features and took me through the ADC Mobile website. I got to see how to customize the GPS, splash screen, etc. If you buy this unit from Walt, there is a lot of data that is accessible to you once you receive a login to the site. I went ahead and ordered the camera as well. I will update this topic once I have the unit installed and give you my review on it. It should be here a week from now. Can't hardly wait!!!
  14. So the consensus is that the 2 way remote isn't really worth it. I didn't want to get the regular remote, only to regret not getting the advanced remote later. Thanks for your responses.
  15. Guys, Thinking about getting one of these. That $100 that they are letting me use off of my GM Card is burning a hole in my pocket. Have to get it done this month. Does anyone know if local dealers usually care if you buy the part from one of the online places cheaper and not have a problem installing it for you? Thanks.

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