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  1. 6.0 heads

    You have a gen2 vortec 350. It's not of the LS series of engines. The engines have vortec heads which aren't bad flow wise for gen 1 and 2 engines. Unless you are willing to spend some big money I'd just leave it alone. They made decent power from the factory.
  2. 6.0 heads

    Using 6.0 heads on a LS1 5.7 is common when running forced induction. The combo has a lower CR allowing more boost. That's the only time I've seem that combo tho.
  3. suspension

    Hockey pucks have been used for body lifts on the old square body pickups but I never heard of them used as a suspension lift.
  4. Mine is a 4wd. I use the filter wrench i linked, a 4 inch extension and 3/8 ratchet.
  5. My folks just paid $350 for a new water pump on their 05GMC 5.3.
  6. This is the one I use. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-universal-oil-filter-wrench-auto-adjustable/p-02820523000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1
  7. shocks for stock height

    I believe the heavy duty series are 4600's
  8. 2009 sierra 1500 transmission pan gasket

    Did as suggested. Pulled the small inspection covers and found tranny fluid coming down the front of the tranny. Dexron VI is hard to see without the aid of dye! Time for a trip to the tranny shop.
  9. 2009 sierra 1500 transmission pan gasket

    The factory one weeped after about 40000 miles. Using the black light and glasses I see it glowing around the pan. Nothing around the dipstick tube, vent or where the cooler lines go into the transmission. These is dye around the pan gasket on the front right corner about 6 inches along each side of the corner. The dye then goes to the bottom of the bellhousing, down the oil pan and drip onto the sway bar.
  10. Maybe ms3dale of govtech4 will chime in. For the past year I have been fighting my transmission pan gasket weeping about a 1/4 quart of fluid every 3000 miles. Using die I can trace it back to the pan gasket on the passengers side front corner. I used a wix filter kit first and it stayed dry for about a 1000 miles and started weeping. Never had this problem with the other wix kits on the 700r4 on my 91 sub or the 4l60e on the 99 camaro. Then I used an ATP filter kit and it made it about 600 miles. This is for the 4L60E transmission. I am torquing the pan bolts to 100 inch pounds with a torque wrench. What is the difference between the pan gasket material of GM's verses aftermarket?
  11. 2005 Silverado 5.3 1500 4WD Drivetrain Noise

    I guessed based upon the title and that he had the hubs replaced. Either way probably a u-joint.
  12. 2005 Silverado 5.3 1500 4WD Drivetrain Noise

    Just going by what you are describing, I'd start looking at the universal joints in the front driveshaft. I have a lifted sub and when the u-joints are going out in it I get the same as you describe.
  13. Good deal on this toolset?

    The ratchets are mediocre. As long as you are using them for light projects like swapping alternators and waterpumps like you listed you won't be dissappointed. I'd check to see which sockets are 1/4 drive and which are 3/8 drive. You'd be surprised on some of the sets where the 13mm is a 1/4 drive and you have to use the adapter.
  14. Best Snow/Ice Tires

    I've run bridgestone blizzaks in their various configurations for my wife's car and my pickups. Good mileage tire if they are only run in the winter and great snow and ice traction.
  15. Who has BFG All Terrian T/A's?

    33X12.50X15's on my 91 Sub. Have over 10000 miles and have 3/4 tread on them.

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