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    2000 Silverado Z71 LT
  1. I had a 2000 Silverado z71 extended cab with a 5.3 and got 17-18mpg when it was bone stock. I leveled it out, lifted it 2.5 inches and put on 285/75r16's and fuel mileage averaged 12.5. Some times I was lucky to get 14.4. I now have a bone stock '16 extended cab 4wd 5.3 and get 17mpg (19miles highway, 1 mile of city each day). I'd love to level it, loose the lower valance and put on some attractive rubber, but it's hard to justify the impact of fuel economy, ride quality, and wear on the front end. Unfortunately with half tons, if you want fuel economy and longevity, low and ugly is the way to go. If you can afford a duramax, level it, do the deletes, tune it, and you'll get better fuel economy than my stock half ton. My suggestion: sell the truck, and buy the Prius. If you wait long enough, 'bagged low riders will be cool again. You'll be able to look good, drive slow, get good fuel economy, and be able to load your ATV without 16' ramps.
  2. Too bad you're a Chevy guy. This GMC fella is dropping all of his chrome stuff:
  3. Definitely don't rule out the u joints. I started getting a horrible squeak noise while accelorating and would go away when I take my foot off the gas. I couldn't get any play or movement out of the rear u joint on the front drive shaft, but after a closer look I could see some shiney metal in places. I assumed this was the result of wear. Once I finally pulled the shaft it was obvious that the U joint was toast. I replaced it and the squeak has gotten quieter but still exists. Not sure what my problem is, but I learned that u joints can still be bad even if they don't appear to have play. Good luck.
  4. I've never heard of chiltons but I'll see if I can get my hands on one. Thanks! We live around the Ponca City area so that puts us about 15 minutes East of i35 and about 20 minutes South of the Kansas state line. This seemed like the quickest route for us. Thanks again for your suggestion. I'll see what I can come up with.
  5. Well the air is still coming through but it's 54F in Colorado so it's not too bad. This morning it was 16-18F going through wichita and Salina. It wasn't pleasant lol.
  6. Yeah that's what I did, I tried pretty much all combinations and it all does the same thing. Blast of air while its changing modes then a constant flow of freezing air.
  7. Actually just tried that while holding my arm down there. Right after I make a change from one or the other I get a massive blast of cold air for about 2-3 seconds then the air flow slows down a bit. Same thing switching back the other way. So yeah, I guess it has to do with hvac. I'm guessing a door is stuck open somewhere? It doesn't have dual climate so I'm not sure where the problem is.
  8. Lol, admins deleted the wrong one. The rest of the post: I have a coat, pillow, and blanket mashed up under the glove box and it's still freezing cold! I'm wondering if anyone knows of a shield or something that might be out of place under the front fender or something. Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. I'm not sure how I should have worded the title but this is what's up... I have a 2000 half ton silverado extended cab z71. My girlfriend, buddy, and I are on our way to colorado as we speak. It's 22F outside right now. I'm in the passenger seat and there is insane amount of freezing air blowing on my feet. I really don't think it has anything to do with the HVAC because I can feel hot air through the lower vents. It feels like one of the floor vents they used to have in the old 1960s-70s trucks.
  10. Who has goodyear wrangler duratracs?

    How do they perform? This next picture shows that I do drive down some bad roads. I actually got stuck for a few minutes this day. After I put it in 4WD and went back and forth a few times, I got out just fine. It sucked cleaning it up later. Also, here is one more picture of the Coopers. It's not as cool as the other pictures, but it gives you an idea... as you can tell, I like white walls
  11. Who has goodyear wrangler duratracs?

    Back with a few pics.
  12. Who has goodyear wrangler duratracs?

    I'm getting off topic. I must ask about the 130-140mph. You do 130 on the highway? For like emergency responder or something? And how does that burb go 130 lol?! I wouldn't trust my pickup to do that speed and not flip over or something haha. Is that thing stock?
  13. Who has goodyear wrangler duratracs?

    The duratrac is a good tire. Ride wasn't the best, but that was a trade off for having a heavy duty 10 ply. They do get louder as time passes but it's not bad. They are awesome in snow/ice conditions. I ran two sets and never had a problem with balancing, ect. Highway driving is just fine with them. I don't think you need to worry about getting loose and flying off the road, just don't put them on your corvette. I wasn't getting as many miles out of them as I thought I should. After my second set I switched to Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx. I've put quite a bit of miles on them and I already know I'm going with another set of Cooper Discoverer next. They have been an excellent tire. Ride and road performance are comparable to the duratrac, but they have been much quieter and I have already got more miles out of them. At the time, Cooper was about the same price. If that is still the case I would say go Cooper, but if the duratrac is cheaper and in your price range, they are still good tires too! This is one of the only photos of my pickup I have on my phone. I had the grille out while I was doing some work to it a while back so ignore that. I'll see it I have any better pics on my computer. http://postimg.org/image/5emhlo5nf/
  14. I think he would be willing to stay at a 17, he just wanted to have some more clearance between the wheel and brake if possible. He actually already has a set of the Eagle 058 on his Dodge cab and chassis. He isn't real happy with the lip inside the wheel. It always holds water. Plus, the aluminum where the lug nuts go on is really thin. I'll take a picture when I get to the shop. Lastly, they look good in pictures, but the 8 holes are just awkward looking. The wheels with the 10 holes are much more appealing, well in my opinion. Maybe so, but they're so pretty ;) haha. And light weight, we're always conscious of that GVW lol.
  15. Hey guys! My dad has a 2015 GMC 3500 cab and chassis pickup. He needs some help finding some good Alcoa style wheels. He currently has the stock 17's. He wants 18's. He doesn't want to run low profile tires. He may do a little bit of suspension lift if he has to, but nothing massive. Does anyone know where I can find something that looks like this: http://www.cars4sale.pro/detail/us/oAoYrrnTUAoncAYcTYYB/1997-Dodge-Ram-3500-Extended-Cab-Pickup-2-Door-Alcoa-22-5-Tw ? Thanks

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