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  1. Look's sweet - car show ready
  2. First truck ever

  3. New member!

    i used the same set-up , but its get old daily on / off . long road trips big when goes on , short one in town (clears garage door )
  4. New member!

    Welcome - good looking truck . How many times do you hit the antenna on garage door ??
  5. i have a 32" led light bar ( www.1aauto.com ) Led's lights - low /hi/fog ( putco nite-lux ) installed in 2015 - NO Problem . Led light bar is behind the grill . hope this helps. There a lot of info on this site
  6. any info on a black overlay 2015 chevy Silverado Z71
  7. Look's good . where did you get it ???
  8. New from Buffalo!

  9. New member in BC canada

  10. 2016 Xpensive Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Build

    Gauges = air bag's or super charger ?? Need Photo's when done. Please
  11. New from New Mexico

  12. New member from Dallas

  13. Have you check google or You Tube ? there some good information out there . good luck
  14. Photo's when installed - Please

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