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  1. 305/55/20 Toyos

    Where are you located?
  2. I don't know what the real answer to this question, but I have had 4 vehicles with 4L60s. 2 of them I never changed the fluid and they worked fine until I sold the trucks at 160k plus miles. the other one I "flushed" the trans at 110k miles and it completely grenades at 115k. again not sure what the answer is, but the vehicles was babied its whole like.
  3. I have been running only Wawa 92 in my cars and gas trucks for as long as I can remember with no issues!
  4. Any H&K owners?

    Ive had an HK45c for years, I am a lefty so I enjoy the ambidextrous features. Gun is still to big to carry in my opinion but it is one of my favorite guns.
  5. Jim Diesel's Diesel truck of Dieselness.

    Must of been a tough call to get rid of both of those rides for one truck. I couldn't give up having both!
  6. I have 40k on my 14 LML and the pads look new but the rotors are just starting to noticeably warp
  7. Audi A5 Question

    I personally wouldn't buy a new German car, they are expensive and depreciate like crazy.. if you want to buy, buy one that is 2-3 years old with low miles you will save tens of thousands. I currently am halfway through a mercedes C300 lease which I am very happy with, zero issues with the car and great winter vehicle
  8. not enough of a difference for you to notice most likely
  9. Roof leak

    I have a 2014 express 1500. I am not suprised at this as the quality of the body on these vans is poor. Would take it to the dealer and see if they would do anything l, which is unlikely.
  10. New Guy from NY (and PA sometimes)

    welcome! I have a lake house near the border of NY not far off 81.
  11. I have had expel on my painted front end and rocks all the way back for about 2 years now and I am very very happy. One section on the bumper started to yellow the shop that installed replaced the whole film for free. Easier to see yellowing on white paint.
  12. is there a reason the car can't be driven? seems unnecessary to tow it
  13. Enjoying following this thread! Good luck with the rockers!
  14. The safelite near me is very good and was highly recommended by many places. they have a special tool/procedure to remove the glass, its some sort of device that drags a string around where the windshield is sealed to remove it without damaging anything. where as on other vehicles I have had windshields replaced on they use some sort of air chisel which seems very crude to me and it also left marks on the interior trim. also have had water leaks on other vehicles from diff. companies replacing windshield. also, the tech who came out was very informative and friendly and actually gave me his personal contact if I had any sort of issues, which made me very comfortable with him doing the work as a was pretty worried from my previous experiences
  15. Looking for suv suggestions

    not many newer options to tow 12k with, other then maybe a passenger express van with a duramax. don't even know if that can tow 12k!

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