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  1. Where is the "sweet spot" in your vehicle?

    i'm waiting for the your momma jokes lol
  2. Trying to find a reliable auto transport company

    I've done that twice. Once to Chicago and the other time to Newark NJ. screw driving in chicago....last time i got stuck in that rat maze for 3 hours..then as i was leaving saw a big sign that said "hell is real"
  3. Trying to find a reliable auto transport company

    if you got the cash just fly here, and drive it back..i know a few guys that buy their dodges out west cause they come configured differently or something and i guess they find it cheaper to just drive it themselves...
  4. Ford did borrow 7 billion from the gov't?

    Yes, a majority of businesses borrow PRIVATE money with terms they will pay it back. What the car mfg's did was take public money(or add to the public debt) that they do not intend on paying back. Huge difference. so what about credit unions that are currently loaning my money out to strangers? my point is their is no point in pounding the war drum over this stuff, it happens daily to more companys then just the auto industry...if you don't like it, cash out your capital and live off the grid
  5. so why have you not contacted law enforcement and got your money back!? that is a crime to tamper with the odometer on a vehicle
  6. Ford did borrow 7 billion from the gov't?

    i don't know why people make a big fuss over a company borrowing money...the majority of people in america take loans to stay afloat via credit cards and banks..
  7. Do i need a rebalance or what?

    they are rotated every 6k, tire pressure is spot on to the door sticker....to the other guy 255 is the stock tire size for my truck, don't ask me why it just is lol
  8. take it to the dealer, i don't trust mom and pop shops...a dealer has far more resources to tap to remedy a problem
  9. Ford did borrow 7 billion from the gov't?

    yes ford took money...they were just ahead of the curve, why do you think they axed mercury?..its just GM and chrysler got more press
  10. yes 16 plugs, something to do with since the top of the cylinder is rounded(more space essentially), they found that two spark plugs ensures a complete combustion
  11. Do i need a rebalance or what?

    probably nature of the beast huh? thanks all for your time
  12. ford ranger edge!?

    did i mention this guy had a mullet too? lol
  13. ford ranger edge!?

    I have no idea, i tryed just googleing it and i really got no detail to what it is...hell i even looked at the truck in minor detail and noticed nothing special i forgot to note the same guy also claimed that ford owns the hemi now
  14. ford ranger edge!?

    So in my daily routine of work i see alot of construction materials come and go, but one guy sticks in my head alot, he comes in about once a week and gets about 3 tons worth of shingles and another 800 pounds of plywood between his bumper pull trailer and his ford ranger...and everytime i try to tell him that its way too much for that truck, he then retorts with "its got the edge package, its an f150 with a ranger body" which just makes me scratch my head, yesterday he told me that his ranger can haul more then a 1500 chevy i can't find what exactly the edge package was so who knows but i thought i'd share that story with you folks lol
  15. Do i need a rebalance or what?

    255, they are on the stock 16 inch factory rims, load range i'm not sure but they are on a 1500...and i do believe its 35 psi

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