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  1. FS: 2008 GMC Sierra Z71

    Bump! Price Drop! $23000 OBO!
  2. FS: 2008 GMC Sierra Z71

    BUMPPPP!!!! MAKE ME AN OFFER! I'll entertain most reasonable offers. I'm definitely not firm with my price!
  3. FS: 2008 GMC Sierra Z71

    Just the 4 speed. They didn't do the 6 speed until 09 I believe.
  4. FS: 2008 GMC Sierra Z71

    Been throwing around the idea of getting rid of my truck. Just wanting something different. Check it out! http://shreveport.craigslist.org/pts/2898943194.html Forgot to mention what size motor. It has the 5.3 with 3.73 gears. You can't even find a new one with 3.73 anymore.
  5. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Always nice to have a thread full of pictures... I get so tired of trying to search for a certain setup, and having to go through a million threads to try and find it!
  6. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Wish I had 4.10s
  7. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    I say remove the pin stripe, and window visors, either get escalade door handles or color matched, paint your frame, remove your steps, tint your windows, paint your upper bumper plastics... And since you're not wanting to lift the front, just lower the rear, and get a stock size tire that has some nice tread.
  8. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    If I were you I would de badge, de mold, remove the steps, mud flaps, and bug shield. I would replace that tool box with a low pro or in bed tool box, clear the corners on your head lights, color match your door handles, 4 inch suspension lift, mickey thompson classic I's, 35 inch mud tires.
  9. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Looks awesome! I think you should keep it, and mod the crap out of it!
  10. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    I say put some tow mirrors on, and keep the truck... With the way gas prices are going, you'll have a hard time getting a good deal. You're truck is awesome looking
  11. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Your truck would look awesome with some tows
  12. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Looks great
  13. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Seems like there are a lot of questions on here about suspension setups, what will fit, what tire looks best, or what will my truck look like with this lift and size tires. Also, people just like seeing pictures. Doesn't matter what you have... lifted, leveled, lowered, stock... just post pictures of your ride, and what you have done to it! I'll go first 2008 GMC Sierra Z71 2 inch RC leveling kit 3 inch body Rhino bed liner 10 percent tint all the way around 285 70 17 Kelly Safari TSRs removed lower air dam De badged future plans: Tune Color-matched door handles Painted GMC Tow mirrors 305-65-17 Mickey Thompson MTZs low pro tool box Leather seats Touch screen navigation What she looked like when I got her What she looks like now
  14. Sick ... What's your setup?

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