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  1. Just found this thread and decided I want to do the same. Part # update, both seat panels have changed Driver side is now # 84147960 Pass. side is now # 84147942 all knobs are the same
  2. It's like tint, would you settle for bubbles in your windows? No, same with clear bra. Installer who knows what they are doing will do it correctly without bubbles.
  3. Corsa makes a dual exit cat back exhaust. Had on my 2009 and 2016. 5.3 for sure, think also for 6.2
  4. Just installed, very easy. Hardest part was prying the clips loose. Thanks for the post.
  5. With the stock intake you would have 1 open outlet on the airbox. You have 2, one for each cylinder bank. The hose on the top of the can goes onto one of those. That is why I went with the GM CAI instead of say, Cold Air Inductions - they also have 2 outlets on the tube. GM has one, so it works out for my case.
  6. Here is my UPR Catch Can w/o CSS on my 2016 5.3L Sierra with GM Cold Air Intake.
  7. 2014-2015 correct. Changed on 2016 and up. I know, just checked this weekend, my 2016 Sierra does not have the same exposed bolts to undue.
  8. Anything from Adam's Polishes http://adamspolishes.com/
  9. From dcarl: This may be a dumb question but I'll ask anyway. I have a 15' SLT with Nav but I use Waze on my phone sometimes to navigate through traffic jams. Can AA be downloaded as an App to the truck so AA & Waze can be used as the Nav in place of the GM version? Android Auto (or Apple Carplay) only available in 2016 and new GM trucks. Must use USB cord between phone and truck - no bluetooth. For Android users only, we have the option of Google Maps or Waze. Apple users cannot use Waze thru Apple Carplay. Hope this helps.
  10. Recently I have been re-starting my phone (Note 4) before hooking up for Android Auto. Working about 85% to get started. sometimes, takes a little longer, sometimes starts right away.
  11. Uh, if you have Onstar, just press and ask for the code. Pretty simple. If not, goto local auto parts store and have them read the code for you.
  12. Question on the CAI setup. Are the vacuum hoses on the coupler fixed or removable? I ask because I am running a catch can and will not be attaching directly to the motor. 2016 5.3L.
  13. Android Auto gives you access to Google Maps with traffic available. Stock navigation does not have traffic for all areas. Other normal phone perks, music streaming etc. etc. but mainly using Google Maps.

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