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  1. You Tube it. There are two videos covering this. One is on some SUV, another on a Suburban? I just did this about a month ago. It was a pain (did it on my back in the driveway). Watch these videos several times until you are dreaming about the axle tube. If you have a lift and a garage, definately do it yourself.
  2. Two wheel drive, no. Four wheel drive, maybe?????. I have a 3 inch body lift and am gonna go the 295 70 17 route next. I think I will need to do some minor trimming on the front lower bumper stuff..
  3. This is for the front passenger side. When I install the new seal into the axle tube, do I grease or oil up the seal on the outer side and inner, one or the other, or neither? Also, when the axle turns, does the seal stay staionary and the axle spins inside it? Thanks
  4. (06 4x4)While chasing down rattles, i was gonna take off the cover around the "neck" of the steering wheel column. There are three holes very deep so you cant see whats in it. One i stuck a small philips head into and seemed to find a screw head. Another when I inserted the screwdriver the horn honked. I just want to take off the plastic cover, it looks like it splits into two pieces. How do I do this?
  5. Moto Metal 17x9's With 285/70/17's

    The offset should be -12. I own these as well.
  6. Mine recently went out too, although I have manual floor shift. Four wheel still works, just no light. I also checked the fuses but they were fine.
  7. With new "good" brake pads you should get the bracket things included in the box.
  8. My passenger side went out about a year ago. At about 40k miles. Took it to the dealer and they said it was the bearing. Got bent over for over 700 dollars on that one. I will certainly do the next one myself. It could take all week and it would still be worth it to do myself.
  9. 360 hp, 380 lb/ft. If i recall correctly. I do remember the max hp was at something like 5K rpm.
  10. Thats a bummer. I have a similar truck and have not heard of this problem on the 1500s transfer case. Most cases are HDs.
  11. Bump to see if GmCanuck replaced this thang yet.
  12. I believe he is replacing the bracket as well as the bushing, because it is sold as on piece. The stock part is riveted in, but the one you buy has bolt/nuts so you have to get the rivets out any way of your choosing. My Haynes manual states you can drive the bushing out toward the drivers side after it is "unstaked" but I havent seen just the bushing for sale.
  13. Keep us updated. Ive got all kinds of clunking under my feet going over the smallest bumps. Ive yet to get under the truck and yank on stuff to see where the play is. If you dont have to remove the torsion bars that would be good news.

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