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  1. you would have to pry my keys out of my cold, dead hands before I would EVER consider giving up driving. Autonomous vehicles are NOWHERE NEAR ready for the mainstream yet; the technology behind them is still FAR too expensive. and again, you have to think about the rural aspect of what he is trying to push; autonomous vehicles, and ridesharing/Fancy Taxis are really more for an urban environment.
  2. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    don't forget about the MODS; regardless if it is cosmetic; performance, or technological!
  3. Chevy's Big Plans for 100th Truck Model Year- Check Out New Bowtie

    at least it doesn't have "Badge Rot" like our truck had and my Aveo currently has.
  4. Ford Finally did it...

    I once compared a Silverado to an F150 (built them the exact same way: 4WD, Crew Cab, equivalent MSRPs, trim levels, and V8) and not only was the Silverado a grand cheaper than the F150, I was actually able to get a higher trim level in the silverado (an LT Z71, compared to the XLT trim for Ford) to match the ford's price.
  5. 2018 Ford F-450 Super Duty Limited Debuts In Mid $90Ks

    essentially, these overpriced trucks are for the owner of a company as a status symbol; they will NEVER see dirt, they will NEVER see any real work.
  6. Ford Finally did it...

    but we will be able to compare the 450/550 in 2019 when the new Silverado 4500 and 5500 medium duty trucks drop.
  7. 2018 Ford F-450 Super Duty Limited Debuts In Mid $90Ks

    sure, it looks sweet, until you have a heart attack from seeing the sticker price, as well as the cost of parts! (those LED headlights with the LED DRLs that look like a bracket? $1,100 A PIECE. the price of that 6.7L Powerstroke V8 and a Turbocharger: $16,000 for the PARTS ALONE, and because they've stuffed that engine compartment like a sardine can, the cab has to be ripped off the frame for any decent access and that REALLY adds up the Labor cost!)
  8. Ford Finally did it...

    and on the High end models, they have headlight assemblies that cost $1,100 A PIECE, and $500 Taillights!
  9. GM Sets Odd 5-Year Goal For EVs - Half Its Fleet?

    Ford seems to think that the future depends on them forcefully shoving tiny, force inducted, direct injected 4 and 6 cylinder engines down our throat, and body construction that is more commonly found in high end sports and luxury cars.
  10. Ford Finally did it...

    you know how that old adage goes: "there's a sucker born every minute"
  11. They Broke the $100K barrier for the Super Duty! (and I thought they wouldn't do it until next generation!) Fords are now OFFICIALLY the most overpriced trucks in the world! http://www.newschannel5.com/news/national/ford-reveals-100-000-f-450-pickup-truck?partner=scripps&partner-sub=WTVF&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=scripps&utm_content=WTVF
  12. New Garage/Mancave!

    if i remember correctly, its 200 ft of 1" diameter service line. it would have been shorter, but the gas main is on the opposite side of the highway from where we live and Tennessee requires a permit to bore underneath a state highway. (and it would have likely cost thousands of dollars that we really don't have to have it done that way.)
  13. Heavy-Duty GM Pickup Fuel Economy Numbers Published By CR

    not only that, they will try their hardest to push you into a Tundra or a Titan anyway because they are heavily biased towards the Japanese brands.
  14. New Garage/Mancave!

    Well, it’s been a while, but we have an update on our shop! Come this winter, we will have GAS HEAT! the end of the gas line, and future location on the meter this runs right past our septic tank (and the utility had to sully my driveway with a Sooper Doody that hauled their ditch witch!) most of the hard gas line laying was done by our new corporate neighbor Dollar General, because the gas main is actually across the street, and the State of Tennessee requires a permit to bore underneath a state highway. and a HUGE shoutout to Humphreys County Utility District for sending out a quick, efficient, and VERY courteous crew! And of course, to balance out the smelly Furd in my driveway, they had a nice looking GMT900 Crew Cab as the crew truck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. the engine driven fan failed, cutting the serpentine belt, and puncturing the radiator. my theory is that the fan hub casting was flawed, or the hub wasn't properly tightened at the assembly plant. and as Mike mentioned, Press Vehicles are beaten half to death in a VERY short time.

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