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  1. GMT 400 crew cab short bed k2500, 4" BDS lift, 20x9's, slightly built LQ9 swap, completely restored, drive as a DD.
  2. clean the engine and bay

    Make sure the engine is cool. I spray down the whole engine bay with simple green, let it soak in for 5 minutes or so. I then take the hose and put it on the shower setting and spray off everything, staying away from the alternator. I then take my air compressor and blow out/off all standing water, blow out all electronics, make sure to get any water out of the intake valley area, etc. Then I start the truck and let it run for a couple minutes to clean the belts off and burn off any residual moisture. My go to engine bay detailer is Stoner's Trim Shine.
  3. Do the full containment seats come standard or as an add on?
  4. Whats on your keychain?

    House key, key fob for work, bottle cap opener
  5. I don't see anything mentioned about two wheel drive or 4x4 at the $45k price tag. My guess is that is two wheel drive and the 4x4 will still be 50k or more.
  6. 2004 Silverado SS

    Beautiful truck and getting very hard to find in good condition with low miles. Always loved the SS's, took a family friends to my Junior prom back in '04. Got a 74 in a 55 that night... GLWS!!!
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I'm going to need a crew cab bad, man I'd love to sell mine and buy yours. Ive always loved your truck. I just can't swing a new one right now with the baby on the way and saving for a new house.
  8. I calculated the percentage off sticker and it is 20% which GM has offered in the past, but that incentive is not listed for my area and the dealer's website does not specify anywhere this deduction.
  9. I received a private offer for 4k yesterday as well. Seems to be exactly the same as you all have. I contacted the salesman we use at our dealership of choice because with the baby coming in January I have been researching a new crew cab. The MSRP for the truck is $50,900 and the listed price is $40,655. He told me with the incentives offered on "this particular vehicle" that the 4k could not be added toward the truck. I looked at the rest of their inventory and most all the trucks had the same percentage off. I must be missing something because there are no fine print incentives listed on their website from GM. I looked up incentives on GM's website for my area code and the only one listed is $500 cash allowance or 0% for 60 months. So, from what I'm gathering the dealer is the one offering the price off MSRP and they won't accept the 4k off. Total BS...
  10. Oh no I wasn't expecting anything, just my typical luck haha. Thanks though!
  11. Aww man... I just bought a gallon of detail spray, received it yesterday.
  12. Never heard of an ext cab model issue. Here is a 2-3" from Rough Country http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-165.html Unless you are a 2wd, that changes things.
  13. Your best option for 2-3" would be re-indexed torsion keys and taller rear blocks. Then do some Billstein 5100's all the way around
  14. If I had a truck like Wildchevys' I'd show that thing off all the time! Damn, I loved your gmt 900 too.
  15. where to order tires from

    Treaddepot.com is shut down. I bought two sets in the past from them as well. Now I buy local.

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