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  1. Since that seems to be the lighting control area. I bet the +/- buttons control the dash lights intensity. Not cruise control.
  2. I believe this is part of the deal where Chevy owners signed up for the 100th Annv. club. I'll bet some shop up on ebay.
  3. SLT and LTZ and higher trims have lights in the console with the bucket seat option. My 2009 SLE didn't have a light in it either.
  4. Unfortunately the seats in these trucks don't get very hot when remote starting them. I had a 14 and they were barely and I mean barely warm when I remote started mine. As far as setting the heat controls to work when you remote start. That was one of my complaints when I got my 14 is that it did not work like my 09 did. I would have to leave things in the on position for them to work on RS. I did some digging and found that they will reprogram the 14s to work the way it should automatically. Once I got this done it worked like I was used to in my 09. There may be a TSB for that I can't remember.
  5. I believe with or without the case. The X is to wide to fit down where it needs to be. You just about have to have the phone sitting on the rubber pad to get it to work. I have an 8 and it does not work either.
  6. Highly doubtful that the trucks use different pumps. It looks to be a bad batch of pumps on the 2017 models just from looking at this post.
  7. Yes it may be rare but, things like that happen. I remember working at Penske in the mid 90's we had a brand new Freightliner. I was the one who gave the driver the keys to take it on it's 1st trip. Well a few days later I see a road call report for the same truck on my bosses desk. After reading it I could not believe it. While going down the road on it's 1st trip the whole battery box with all 4 batteries fell off while going down the road. This was after 3 supposed inspections of the truck. Unfortunately things like this happen. Hopefully they will cover the alternator under warranty for you.
  8. So your telling me that GM put a vehicle on the road that relies on the steering system to be powered by electricity at all times to maintain steering control of the vehicle? That's BS!
  9. You don't need those things old man!!
  10. I have those in my 16. Cup holders don't really need to be moved IMO and I've never used the USB ports in my 14 or 16. They didn't change the back lights till 17 and I guess I was one of the few to get the 6 speed with my SLT. As for the OP I'd stick with a 15 or newer Sierra as the 14s seem to be showing their 1st model year problems. I had a 14 with no issues I just wanted a crew cab when my son was born.
  11. You do know the remote start will turn on the A/C and start cooling the truck down before you get in? Yes you probably won't need the heating feature of remote start in the winter. You can't tell me it doesn't get hot enough in Fla that you don't want the remote start A/C.
  12. Actually unless they changed it on the 17s and up the vin label is on the pillar between the 2 doors. Near the bottom. It was that way on my 14 and my 16.
  13. I actually looked at my seats yesterday. You are correct there is a zipper that runs up the back sides of the seat. I guess to make servicing the seat fans easier. The easy rip portion for the airbag is in between the drivers side of the seat and the pillar.
  14. This is correct. 14-15 cooled seats 16+ vented seats. If I had the choice to purchase them again. I'd decline. I don't really think it's a zipper system. More it's were the stitching is weaker (or there is a easy rip portion) so the aibags built into the seat can deploy. I have a 16 as well.

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