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  1. Dale Its not a metal tab to depress. The black plastic ear,tab, rotates counter clockwise to unlock the bulb. Clockwise to lock. There will be a tab on both sides of the ballast, they serve the same function. Only one side needs to be rotated . Once the bulb is unlocked the spring tabs just hold the bulb in place. Take care on removal ,and install. Bulbs are indexed only fitting one way, The hole for insert is ob-longed, If you bang the sides of the bulb your going to damage it. Hope it helps
  2. Took the plunge , bought a set, on sale , 25% off . 5500K .... hope there worth the cash?
  3. Ya thanks Toby I did read that before, I was looking to kinda cut through the muck- If there better, if so where is the best place to buy?
  4. 2011 silverado same model . Lights were much better in the 2011
  5. Hello All, Thinking of upgrading my headlights on my 2017 Silverado. OEM are terrible I cant see at all with them, Backing up is a whole different issue and just as bad, with that damn back up camera screen. Anyway what say you all on the 35 Watt 5500k Morimoto bulbs? Definitely a little pricey. Are the worth the cost? Do they make that much of a difference to justify ? And where is the best place to purchase if I decide to. Many thanks. Frank
  6. Reach down between the seats, Where the seatbelt mount is located. There is a wire,plug. Unplug what ever side you want off. NOT RECOMMENDED>>>> It's there to remind us knuckle heads to buckle up. Mines off.

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