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  1. Truck was new, no marks. have 9000 miles. Marks both lenses , cant tell me this is normal. And yes the lights are off , the marks are there. They are the High intensity LED
  2. Got them on both of my 2017 lenses, right and left sides.
  3. Been rotating front to back, then cross next rotation. always torquing the lugs 140 flbs. Helps to prevent rotor warp,or run out .
  4. Same here spent 275 on sale for the same bulbs, wasn't impressed ,, My 2011 lighting output was much better than this 17 with the bulb upgrade. The high beams are worth less.Looks like GM has changed them in the 19 models . Be another 6 years before I see another truck..
  5. Plowed with 1/2 ton chevy trucks ,Fisher 7 1/2 ft for 25 years. 20-35 driveways per year. Dont try to push what the truck is not going to push. I have seen guys burn a transmission in one day. And others last ten years. Some guys think they should plow 50mph. Try see how long your pretty truck will last. Bang those banks Same thing.. Go easy Its all good.
  6. Should see the frame on my 17 rust everywhere. sucks
  7. Terrible ,how about 5 repeat visits for a headlight assembly . 2017 Silverado , then fitment 1/4 off and broken tabs on the light , terrible, Davidson of Rome NY
  8. Blowout

    I always buy my trucks with the snow prep package, I plow with Fisher plows. If I remember the prep package come with higher output alternator. heavy duty springs. trani cooler, and maybe HD cooling. Cooling might be older trucks. And yes you can get it in 1500 series Trucks.
  9. My 2011 would get up to 220 plowing for 4-6 hours. My 2017 runs about the same. Had the 2011 stuck a few times pushing more snow than I should. I'm sure the trani temp went higher. But never sounded a alarm.
  10. I use the AC PF63E running Pennzoil This last oil change, I only get my noise first start up. Anyone out there tried different viscosity oil in there 5.3 late model ??
  11. Appreciate your understanding ,but not trying to sway others decisions . That is my decision. And opinion. And the whole story is 5 repeat visits to replace the headlight assembly. Different mechanics .Including the service manger who approved the final repair ,with the outer painted cover broken. SO my option. Ill stay away if I can.
  12. I remember reading someplace about an exhaust flapper.. Is this located near the exhaust manifold ? Wonder if that could be giving me the noise on start up, and not engine related? any thoughts?
  13. I think the bulletin said with remote starter because its more pronounced outside of vehicle. Dose not sound like a main,rod bearing noise , too fast , more of a growl ,piston slap. Oil starved yes ,goes right away with the oil pressure. starting to get it every day. Thought it would lessen with oil change. Not so. Considering thicker grade oil,next change.
  14. Ya Dmorris and I prefer my old 69 Z28 to anything new. or my girls sister ,an few times . but that just aint so. You are correct ,,,,my Z71 to a horse and buggy anytime!!!!
  15. I don't care what you spend your hard earned money on today ,THERE ALL JUNK.. In 5 years there trash hell they only cost 45K . Twice as much as I paid for my first 2 family house. All TRASH, and we keep buying..... who's the idiots

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