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  1. Well, Googled around for a local shop and found bba-reman.com. (A global company that specializes in this sort of thing.) Lucky for me their US facility is nearby. Dropped it off. $99 for repair, but I opted for the add'l $40 for "Premier (24 hr) Service". They called me 2-1/2 hrs later, said it was ready for pickup. All works well, now.
  2. Instrument Cluster dead, 4 Wheel Drive Light on All gauges at zero, no PRNDL, odometer. Curious thing: 4 Wheel Drive Light on (It’s 2WD)? Searched a buncho-threads here. Yet another cluster connection re-solder called for?
  3. Or if you're lucky (?) a leak (coolant line?). Is your fluid burnt? I assume you checked your fluid level and found it low...
  4. There was a thread a while ago dealing with Instrument Cluster issues, in which a poster contributed some succinct info with pictures describing (re-soldering) repair of PRNDL lighting. With a search you may find it. Here (post #19): http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/194869-03-silverado-instrument-cluster/page-2 Alas, the uploaded illustration is no longer there.
  5. Well, which is why they're now referred to as "parking brakes" (vs. emerg. brakes). Anecdote: My hydraulics failed once (well documented crummy brake line issues). It sure helped slowing down. I would say at highway speeds, it would be more of a smoky re-entry than a quick stop. Better than nothing...
  6. Can't comment on that specific scenario, but mine will hold while in gear under a fair bit of throttle.
  7. Can't imagine rotors having anything to do with the issue. Re: crummy design: Having to pull the rotor to adjust parking brake is beyond dumb. Why no plugged hole in backing plate so as to have ability to adjust with everything in place (as mfr.s have been doing for >60 yr.s.?
  8. My '03 lost parking brake holding power. Wouldn't hold with brake on, in gear idle, no throttle. Had to both: Adjust shoes. (Don't threadlock the adjusters.) Adjust parking brake cable. (They stretch over time, especially if used often.) Can't comment on clip qty., but your auto parts store should give you the correct ones. If in doubt, take home both, return the incorrect ones. Don't waste money on expensive / premium shoes.
  9. Well, it's been a long while. Ordered the Turn Signal / Multifunction Switch many months ago. Finally installed. Horn now functions (regardless of steering wheel rotation).
  10. Fluid should be at or near top of cross hatch on dipstick at "normal operating temperature". Hours of driving on a hot day will yield level being slightly above "full" level. This is normal.
  11. Yup. My 4.3L (lovingly maintained since new) has been using 1/2 QT / ~1,000 miles since a very young age. Just live with it.
  12. I concur, this is the best way to go....
  13. Heavy duty mud flaps in front of rear wheels apparently to minimize debris impacting caliper / brake assy. I'll post pix if needed (yea, I'm a mark; I bought / installed them) (gm part #15765007). GM's final solution a couple years later: revert back to drum brakes. Meanwhile, just about every newer vehicle on the planet has adopted rear disc brakes...
  14. Yup. I also had the brake line failure, steering shaft, & mult. other issues...

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