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  1. I too do not understnad the setup Hit AUTO and set temperaure at 68 and at 40 degrees outside AC liht od cold air from the vents.
  2. I have tried to purchase a Range for my truck but have not been successful. Auto Anything is not taking orders because of delivery, and amazon is not for the same reason. Tried to contact Range by phone the other day but could not get an answer. Is this product still available and if so where were you able to purchase it?
  3. Tire wear help me help my mechanic

    Yes I rotate at every 4000 - 5000 miles, really has the mechanic stumped. No identifiable reason. Since I am getting close to having to replace tires what recomendations for the type of driving and serivce that I have?
  4. Tire wear help me help my mechanic

    I run 38 lbs all the way around, mostly interstate driving.
  5. I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 2 WD. LT with 25000 miles with heavy wear on inside of front tires. Still has original General Amertrac P245 70R 17. Had Firestone do an alignment and was told that it was within specs, what is wrong that tires continue to wear? Found: Left Front Right Front -0.2 Chamber 0.1 Cross Camber -0.3 Chamber 3.0 Caster 0.5 Cross Caster 2.5 Caster 0.06 Toe 0.02 Total Toe -0.04 Toe Left Rear Right Rear -0.03 Chamber 0.08 Total Toe -0.1 Chamber 0.09 Toe 0.05 Thrust Angle -0.02 Toe After: Left Front Right Front 0.0 Chamber -0.1 Cross Chamber 0.0 Chamber 3.2 Caster -0.4 Cross Caster 3.7 Caster 0.06 Toe 0.12 Total Toe 0.05 Toe Left Rear Right Rear -0.3 Chamber 0.08 Total Toe -0.1 Chamber 0.10 Toe 0.05 Thrust Angle -0.01 Toe
  6. West Virginia guys sound off...

    Kanawha Valley
  7. I too noticed rust on my front bumper after a year. Had truck at dealership for another issue and had them look at it. They cleaned and coated it with something said if it came back they would replace it. This is a known problem but need to have it documented for future issues. While you’re at it check your spare tire hoist assembly, this is another known problem area that you will not find until you need it.
  8. How do you locate this module? My radio shuts down as soon as the key is turned off. Unlike other GM products that I have owned, the radio does not continue to play until the drivers door is opened.

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